At the core of election integrity is clean voter rolls. They cannot cheat with clean voter rolls. It's those unauthorized voter names that they use when they manipulate machines, harvest ballots, and even make sure that scanners fail to work on election day. The reason it takes so long after the election to produce a result is that they have to align fake votes, fake ballots, etc. to a voter whether that voter is an eligible voter or not. Clean up voter rolls and their old schemes and new schemes do not work. Go here ( https://publicinterestlegal.org/issues/voter-roll-error-map/) to find out where your state is on cleaning voter rolls. The phony tool, ERIC, does NOT fix the problem. it is part of the problem. This tool ( https://www.omega4america.com/) is awesome. The newest scheme is more challenging because there is NO auditing the vote and that new scheme is ranked choice voting. Twenty three states have passed ranked choice voting. Please, no matter your current patriotic project, make election integrity a top priority. Without it, there are no other patriotic projects to work on. Thanks

Errors in America's Voter Rolls The most important election integrity document is the voter roll. It tells election officials who is eligible to vote. ...