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The Fifth Principle Learning Cooperative is dedicated to bringing order to a world that is chaotic. We help those who desire to create self-sustaining communities. We accomplish this through developing servant leaders who empower members to collaborate and address local issues.

They provide their time and abilities while also creating a financial environment to support humanitarian, economic, and infrastructure projects.

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At the Fifth Principle Learning Cooperative we are dedicated to restoring order to a chaos filled world. We enable people who want to build self-reliant communities. We do this by building servant lea



Cooperatives come in a wide variety of forms.

Like the Butterfly Effect, many of them are little. Over time, small cooperatives can tackle large problems. Which sort of cooperative is best for solving the problem you'd like to solve? This could entail trying out different sorts of cooperatives to solve different challenges, which can lead to unexpected, but beautiful outcomes. Rather than restricting the type of input, features from many cooperatives could be used to collect feedback and smooth the transition between order and chaos. Examining fractals, or patterns that arise can aid in the refinement of cooperation so that order can be formed from chaos and be part of a solution.

In short, chaos can be wonderful when it's harnessed and used to solve billions of issues. There is beauty in chaos, and the most beautiful aspect of it all is the disorder's results.

To learn more about how to solve issues amidst the chaos, go to our website or email us at cheryl@thefifthprinciple.coop

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What will you sacrifice for "the greater good"? What are you prepared to undertake to ensure that past events do not repeat themselves? What side of history would you choose to be on?

Discover how you may take better, proactive steps to help your community achieve positive outcomes.

To learn more about how to solve issues amidst the chaos, go to our website or email us at cheryl@thefifthprinciple.coop

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Believe in your own strength!

So, let's get started. YOU are the answer. Once you accept that concept and have a basic understanding of how our constitution works, you may work with others in your community to tackle problems that are important to YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY in tiny steps.

So you're wondering, what can you do?

To learn more about what you can do for your community, go to our website at www.thefifthprinciple.coop or email cheryl@thefifthprinciple.coop


We are fighting a culture war. Are we winning?


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