Next Steps 2023, Building The Parallel Society, February 22-25, Buford, Georgia

From Feb 22, 2023-Feb 25, 2023 The 2023 Next Steps Conference will be held at the beautiful Legacy Lodge at Lanier Islands Resort in Buford, Georgia

We are intent on shifting the current paradigm and have brought together an amazing group of teachers and activists to bring a parallel society into being. This Conference could be the catalyst needed. In person collaboration is key to create true and lasting change.

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Schedule at a glance:

DAY 1 Wednesday Afternoon

Become a Citizen Journalist, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/citizen-journalists/

Polly Tommy, Stephanie Locricchio, Riley Vuyovich, and Tia Severino

Opt Out of the Technocratic State, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/opt-out-of-the-technocratic-state-2/

Derrick Broze, Zen Honeycutt, Susan Sweetin, and Tag (LifeDoneFree)

Wellness Vendor Fair Wednesday-Friday

Wednesday Night Special Film Screening – Medicating Normal with Filmmaker Q & A, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/1261-2/

Wende Ratcliffe, Angie Peacock, Dr. Krishna Doniparthi

DAY 2 Thursday

Homeschooling, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/homeschooling-2/

Matt Beaudreau, Darlene de la Plata, and Brooke Crook

Homesteading, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/homesteading-2/

Louise Milleman, Nicole Sauce, Sherrie and Bobby Black. PLUS! * SEED SWAP *

Home Defense/Self Defense, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/home-self-defense-2/

John Lovell, Patrick Collis, Preston Hocker, Jesus Flores and K9 Kaiba

Thursday Night Networking Night, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/networking-night-2/

DAY 3 Friday

Healing Yourself Naturally, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/healing-yourself-naturally-2/

Robert Scott Bell, Hava Levi, Bill Schindler, Dr. Eric Plasker, and Julie Wentz

The NEW Science Paradigm, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/200-2/

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Sin Hang Lee, Dr. Brian Hooker

The NEW Medicine Paradigm, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/real-medicine-3/

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, Kimberly Overton, RN and Cammy Benton

Friday Night VIP Dinner/Gala with Jim Gale from Food Forest Abundance, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/vip-dinner-3/

DAY 4 Saturday Morning, https://next-steps.info'>https://next-steps.info/day-4-2/

Saturday Morning Prayer Service & Nature Walk Learn to Forage with Anne-Marie Bilella

Use my Discount Code "NurseUp10" at checkout to save 10% on any ticket.

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