An in-depth interview with Russ Tanner of Global Skywatch covering a wide range of subjects.

Big-tech censorship: How bad it is.
Global crimes against humanity.
What happened to common sense?
Why people avoid truth.
Would the government intentionally hurt you?
Is it healthy to believe what you want? The danger of emotionalism.
The U.S. is in a state of emergency and has been for decades... Why?
Why people don't want truth.
World War III comes after the public is disarmed. This has been planned for decades.
90% of shootings happen in gun-free zones. Are pubic shootings pre-planned by globalists?
Blood clots and heart attacks: Fauci lied to Congress and the entire world.
What are they spraying into the atmosphere? Why are they spraying? What is it doing to you?
Can you see "the haze"? It's everywhere.
I saw the bee die-off the year after chemtrails began.