"A potential source of exposure to metallic mercury for the general population is mercury released from dental amalgam fillings."

"Estimates of the amount of mercury released from dental amalgams range from 3 to 17 micrograms per day (μg/day). The mercury from dental amalgam may contribute from 0 to more than 75% of your total daily mercury exposure,..."

"Metallic mercury is still used in some herbal or religious remedies in Latin America and Asia, and in rituals or spiritual practices in some Latin American and Caribbean religions such as Voodoo, Santeria, and Espiritismo. These uses may pose a health risk from exposure to mercury both for the user and for others who may be exposed to mercury vapors in contaminated air."


August 10


We had another milder-than-usual night of spraying with an unusually steady intensity of 7.75- throughout the night. This is unusual because we had no discrete plumes, just steady medium-low intensity poison all night without changes. The air contained the typical toxic types: Model Cement, Chalky-Bitter-Pharma, Copper, Inflammatory, and Mercury.

11:48 am

We have been hit with 2 discrete plumes this morning:

1. Just before 6 am we were hit with a non-typical plume containing the Barium and Metallic-Chemical types. Intensity rose at a medium-fast rate and peaked at intensity 8.75 at about 6:25 am. This also contained the Inflammatory and Mercury components. We have not experienced the Metallic-Chemical plume type in quite a while. The Barium type is being used because we have incoming precipitation.

2. At about 7 am we were hit with another non-typical plume of the same type that rose slowly peaking at intensity 9 at about 10:30 am. This is clearly a layered plume that they slowly ramped up over time using high-interval, low-intensity plumes. These plumes were, no doubt, very short or not-visible at all, as many plumes now are. This plume also contained the Barium and Metallic-Chemical types.

It's 11:56 am as I type this. If you follow this log you know that we normally get sprayed at about noon on most days. Well, right on schedule, just a couple minutes ago, while I was typing the paragraphs above, we were hit with yet another plume. Intensity is rising at a medium-fast rate, as usual. This contains the following components: Model Cement, Barium, Chalky-Bitter-Pharma, Inflammatory and Mercury types. The Barium type is dominant.

And so begins another...
Entire Log: https://gsw.bz/log2308


Recently (May-July 2023), the "Model Cement/Burnt Plastic" chemtrail type has been sprayed at an intensity that is unprecedented historically reaching intensity level 10 daily. The flood of mainstream news articles now coming out are clearly providing a cover story for the unprecedented chemtrail intensity we have been witnessing.



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What are they spraying and injecting?