Sovren’s very own Chief Technical Officer Dave Stann, who previously held a powerful role as the Director of Mobile Product Management at Kraken, has released an op-ed shattering the mainstream media’s frail yet pervasive narrative claiming that the FTX crypto exchange scandal is little more than an unfortunate incident that requires new, stronger regulations.

In his recent publication, Stann explains the truth behind the fall of FTX and why regulators are misguided in their reaction.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have been swindled by the freezing of their balances, in many cases life savings that are unlikely to ever be recovered,” writes Stann. “But the real story here is that the underlying blockchain technology that politicians are sharpening their sticks for has nothing at all to do with FTX’s crimes.”

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In the wake of the FTX mess, Democrats are calling for tighter regulation of crypto markets. There's just one problem.