My Self Reliance
Aug 05, 2022
#algonquin #offgrid #camping
Camping with My Daughter | Installing Solar on Emily Aisling's Cabin
We install solar panels on the roof of Emily Aisling's cabin with a power bank located inside to provide electricity to her cabin. Afterwards, we take a few days off and head into the backcountry of Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada to camp, canoe, hike, forage and fish. We cook all of our meals on a campfire, including beef tacos, fish tacos, beef rib steaks and braising ribs, bacon and eggs, pancakes, fried white and sweet potatoes and more. I make herbal tea with fireweed, cedar and spruce, a much-needed warm drink after dealing with intermittent rain and incessant strong winds. Cali, our Golden Retriever, spends most of her time swimming, chasing squirrels and has a run-in with a mink after it steals one of our fish and hides it in the rocks in the lake.

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