On this episode of the Whistleblowers, John Kiriaku speaks with major international business whistleblower, June Bellamy. She’s going to tell us about her whistleblowing revelations and their aftermath, working against Samsung in South Africa. What makes Bellamy so important is what she chose to do in the aftermath of her whistleblowing.

Rosa Serrano, was convicted of Medicaid fraud in the state of Texas. Rosa was the owner and sole employee of a small company that made eyeglass lenses. She was accused of over-billing Medicaid, charged with fraud, and found guilty at trial. As you might imagine, there are cases like this across the United States every single day, and they are rarely noteworthy. But this case had it all: Jurors who couldn’t speak or understand English, ineffective attorneys, questionable jurisdiction, and an incompetent judge that just wanted to get the whole thing over with. On this episode of the Whistleblowers, John Kiriakou speaks with Rosa Serrano about her prison sentence and how she never stopped protesting her innocence.

There are lots of whistleblower organizations out there, especially in the United States, western Europe, and Australia. But many of them are parochial. They focus on narrow subjects or issues, rather than focusing on the mental well-being of the whistleblower. Becoming a whistleblower is a decision not to be taken lightly. It often results in almost immediate social ostracism and isolation. So how does a whistleblower deal with that? He or she associates with the right organization. On this episode of The Whistleblowers John is joined by our good friend Jackie Garrick to talk about her upcoming whistleblower event in our nation's capital on September 7-8.

On June 8, 1967 an overt act of war was committed against the United States. The combined air and sea attack against the naval ship USS Liberty killed 34 sailors, wounded another 171, and severely damaged the ship. At the time, the ship was in international waters north of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. But the aggressor was not Egypt. It was not the Soviet Union or any other country with difficult relations with the United States. It was Israel. On this episode of the Whistleblowers, John Kiriakou speaks with a USS Liberty survivor, US Navy petty officer Phil Tourney.

Daniel Ellsberg, probably the most famous and most highly-revered national security whistleblower in American history died in June at the age of 92. On this episode of the Whistleblowers, John Kiriakou remembers the legacy of Daniel Ellsberg by speaking with his personal friends about his life, Randy Credico a longtime comedian and social justice activist, and Arn Menconi, a former Colorado County Commissioner & Executive Director of a national youth sports charity.