Evil governments—now wrapping their slimy tentacles around us ever more tightly—took root in our own spiritual impurities. On a personal level this includes our lies, cruelties, vices, arrogance, gluttony, and endless other usurpations of what rightfully belongs to others. On a larger scale it is religious stupidity. No religion has ever solved the problem of man’s inhumanity to man but it dashes off at lightspeed to trumpet the holy virtues of the quicksand it calls ‘absolute truth’: certainty, permanence, and perfection. These are impossible except in hymnals and sermons, and are opposite to and totally out of touch with the true nature of reality.

The future forever arrives; thus, reality is forever unfinished. Being unfinished, it is imperfect…since something better may appear a nanosecond from now. The whole of reality, interconnected to all things, changes unpredictably instant by instant; hence reality is forever uncertain. Restated, reality is uncertain, ever changing, and imperfect. Poetically speaking, Truth and Reality do not agree. You must choose one, which shall it be?

Throughout history, one tyranny dies, only to be followed by another. We can’t defeat tyranny with guns and tanks or elections. We are deeply and totally engaged in a spiritual battle long ongoing in all universes. It is Good versus Evil. It is Love versus Fear.

To create a better local and personal reality, we need to be spiritually pure…avoiding bad thoughts and having only confident, good, and loving thoughts. Love is the magic key that opens doors. Negative, fearful thoughts slam doors shut.

How does it work? Is there any proof? Yes, Butterfly Effects.

This is a well-established law of Physics, discovered by chance in 1973 by Edgar Lorentz. The basic premise is that miniscule happenings trigger a cascade of ever-branching causes and effects. The tiniest thought sets off Butterfly Effects since brains, even in our dreams, emit electrical energy waves that radiate outwardly. These grow and grow, accumulating in vastly powerful world-changing Domino Effects.

It may be said that reality is nothing but dreamers and dreams; the Master Dreamer being God Itself. All that now exists in all multiverses are Butterfly Effects of previous Butterfly Effects, tracing back long before time began. Karma follows Butterfly Effects as night follows day. We are exactly where our karma has taken us. If a thief steals from a thief, the karma is about equal. If a thief steals from an honest person, the karma is perhaps double or triple. But if a thief steals from someone who loved the thief, the karma may endure for many years unless offset by good karma.

The infinite complexity of interspecies and galactic karmic entanglements is beyond comprehension. But well worth contemplating.

Help rescue the world from tyranny. In all ways, act as would a Spiritual Master—being a master of yourself and no one else. Use the art and science of Butterfly Effects. Millions like you, working together, create miracles. Protect yourself from evil attacks by deep breathing, exercising, and chanting “God’s Infinite Love Energy.”