As Patrick Henry once said, “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” We need transparency. Our leaders’ concealment of the truth from the American people exposes their lack of respect for us and their rejection of our Constitution.

Biden family corruption is a very serious problem. But there is even a bigger problem: MSM, social media, Google, Security State are acting as the arm of Washington Establishment/Power Elite. Free and fair elections are dead if this doesn’t end.

When I first heard about Florida’s Parental Rights bill, I was shocked it only protects children K-3. Third grade? How about 12th grade—or not at all. Meanwhile, schools are failing: 1 in 4 graduates is functionally illiterate. Parents should raise their kids, not the government.

The notion we must blindly accept & follow as truth, that which the government or those in power tell us is true, goes against the very essence of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The warmongers have set us on a path of nuclear war with Russia. When the nukes fly, you will get the alert that the people in Hawaii got on our phones 4 years ago:


They told us we had 20 minutes to find shelter but didn’t provide any. So we cowered in our bathtubs, parents lowered their children into manholes.

When the Russian nukes are incoming and our ‘leaders’ tell you to “SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY” you will realize how they have failed and betrayed you and your loved ones. We must stand up against the warmongers before it’s too late.