Disney receives preferential treatment by not having to pay taxes that the rest of us small business owners have to pay. Many large corporations, like Amazon and Walmart have been granted the same unconstitutional advantages. Cooperate welfare is the source of the problem.

A government powerful enough to give you everything, is powerful enough to take it away.

Did you know?

During the time of Jesus, taxes could only be paid in special coins issued by the money changers.

Today you don't have to exchange your gold coins for that special money to pay your taxes. All your transactions are now carried out with the special money.


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Bill Gates, George Soros,
and Charles Schwab backed out of this years World Economic Forum.
Connecting the dots:
1. Several years ago the historian, Robert Hillman reported that after WWII the super powers and central banks Joined forces to create a World Government establishing NATO. They believed that was the only way to create world peace, and open trade.
The U.S. had always opposed such entanglements. However Britain had become too weak to maintain its Empire. It was feared that Russia would fill that void. (read more about,"Operation Paperclip" ) So it was decided that The U.S. would fill the void to prevent Russia from controlling the trade routes in the Middle East.
2. The super powers wanted different outcomes, but they shared a common goal of world domination (big government).
3. Both Charles Schwab, and George Soros said they wanted China to rule this "New World Order".
4. However lately the U.N. has been against this idea, because China and Russia are joining forces with the Brics Central bank to create the Eurasian Union, which opposes the U.S. dollar.
Now that the New World Order seems close at hand, have the supper powers started fighting each other?

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