How to Remove Pesticides from Mushrooms - Most Effective Method to Clean Toxins, Dirt Off

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John Stockton speaking up against the shot and standing up for freedom:

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True vs. False Religion, Demoralization Campaign - Do Not Submit

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Do not give in or submit to the demoralization campaign of the Luciferians / Deep State etc. and their false narratives, including their false religion narrative. YOU have the power of Truth and Testimony that they do not have and they will never get your power unless you give it to them.

White Film Washed Off Broccoli (How to Wash Pesticides Off Your Food)

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Have you ever seen a white powdery substance wash off your broccoli? I do not remember seeing anything come off my broccoli before until I started washing it in my 11.5 pH electrolyzed water aka 'Never Quit Water' and aka 'Water of Champions".

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FIREšŸ”„ + WATERšŸ’§ Test: "It Sounds Like Fireworks" - Tim McGaffin LIVE on Wayne Dupree Show

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Turn up your volume. What happens when an open flame is put to 'Never Quit Water' vs tap water LIVE on The Wayne Dupree Show?

The H2 (molecular hydrogen) in the 'Never Quit Water' is being ignited.

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