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528 Hz: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization https://rumble.com/v4q60cf-528-hz-brain-hemisphere-synchronization.html

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I remember when I was a young boy how my dad, uncles and cousins used to talk about people buying imports and warned about how foreign businesses would destroy American businesses and we are seeing quite a bit of that now, only the issue is that attacks by our own...




In this episode, Alan Pariser from AllUSAMadeProducts.com joins me to talk about the constant attacks we have on our health and how big corporations are buying up what was once reputable supplement stores and changing the products to where they simply are not worth the money. We’ll also take a...



The Education Of Our Forefathers - Higher Education For The Glory Of God (Video) https://settingbrushfires.com/the-education-of-our-forefathers-higher-education-for-the-glory-of-god-video/

In part two of looking at the type of education that our forefathers experienced, we’ll move from the primary education to institutions of higher learning that were instituted for developing people for all sorts of tasks for the glory of God. This has largely been forgotten by many and some ...