They sure don’t make Secretaries of the Treasury like they used to. That becomes obvious the moment you compare the views of Albert Gallatin - who served under both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison - vs Janet Yellen - or anyone else in modern times, for that matter.

Path to Liberty: March 27, 2023

If there is any doubt about government power, you’re supposed to decide in favor of less power and more liberty.

Getting some W’s, but as Samuel Adams told us, now is not the time to “sit down satisfied with the efforts we have already made.” Since that’s just what our enemies want.
This week’s reports include:
-Geofence Warrants Limited in Utah
-2nd Amendment Financial Privacy Act in FL, ID, MS
-Defend the Guard Act in Arizona

Nullification Movement News Season 1, Episode 10
Path to Liberty: March 25, 2023

Probably should have paid a little more attention to Thomas Jefferson all along.

Necessary means necessary, not just “whatever is convenient.” But, thanks to Alexander Hamilton and John Marshall, supporters of the monster state define necessary as convenient today. As a result, we live under a government that claims nearly unlimited power.