“Act worthy of yourselves.” In the face of a standing army occupier - and direct threats to his own life, the great Revolutionary war hero Dr. Joseph Warren urged the people to stand firm for liberty in the face of the mighty British Empire, “until tyranny is trodden under foot.”

Path to Liberty: March 4, 2024

Big steps forward - with bills passing on sound money, privacy, the right to keep and bear arms, CBDCs and more.

Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: March 1, 2024

Abigail Adams was a fierce advocate for independence, warned that power always grows, repeatedly pushed for the advancement of women, was an early opponent of slavery, a strong supporter of education - and an arms manufacturer too.

Path to Liberty: February 28, 2024

In her widely-read and influential anti-federalist essay, Mercy Otis Warren warned that the Constitution would abandon the principles of the American Revolution and facilitate consolidation of the states under a powerful national government. In other words, it would lead to unlimited centralized power – similar to the system the colonists had fought to leave.

Path to Liberty: February 26, 2024

On the recently-passed Utah “Constitutional Sovereignty Act,” the fear-mongering, lies and disinformation are bad - even for CNN standards.

Path to Liberty, Fast Friday Edition: February 23, 2024