Kristen Meghan,
"Yes, I exposed it in 2010. Between this and everything I've been doing to stand up against the mandates through my testimony as a senior industrial hygienist and environmental specialist, I have been de-platformed and have had to rebuild my social media.

I've been absolutely throttled back online for about 14 years, so thank you for helping to get my story out so people can learn that I have true integrity in my profession of protecting human and environmental health."

Gonzalo Lira didn't live long enough to give us a second interview. Earlier this year, he died in a Ukrainian prison at the age of 55. Days before he died, Gonzalo smuggled the following note out from the hospital: "Tell my sister I have double pneumonia, both lungs as well as pneumothorax, and a very severe case of edema, swelling of the body. All of this started in mid-October, but was ignored by the prison. They only admitted I had pneumonia at a December 22 hearing."

Aaron Burr - Founding Father of America's Deep State (How to Kill a Sacred Cow)

In this episode of How to Kill a Sacred Cow, host Jay Henehan speaks to Matt Ehret about the true causes of America's internal rot by going back to the Briti...

Wise maxim - “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

Russell "Texas" Bentley moved to Ukraine to fight for the local resistance. He then retired from fighting to spread word about what's really going on there. One video he posted from the war zone went so viral that it earned attention from unexpected places, including Jimmy Kimmel. A year after granting us this interview, he was killed while filming the aftermath of the Ukrainian attack in the Donbas.