The Congress just approved more money for the 🇺🇦 war and I'm against this move


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My state of Mississippi is making abortion illegal 🚫with the trigger law enforcement now day's cause of the ruling from the supreme court ruled of overturn of roe vs wade


Mike Liddell has finally launched a new social media website is called franksocial


https://sovren.media/p/71864/eb4faff7e54bad78816237c015024f2d this is bull carp

The FDA has revoked the emergency use authorization status of monoclonal antibody treatments, causing centers nationwide to shut down. The announcement Monday evening was made without notice, leaving centers no time to properly shut down or cancel the scheduled appointments of their patients. The FDA has stated their decision is based on the treatments "unlikely to be active against the Omicron variant." This leaves Pfizer and Merck pills as the primary authorized therapeutics.