When suddenly there are Middle East peace agreements, and China and Russia are making friendship pacts, you KNOW these nations have ZERO respect for Joe Biden and how he's single-handedly destroying the US!

The question that begs to be asked is, are we totally fucked, because these powerful nations are aligning~ or is a blessing in disguise, 'cause Joe can't can't consider 'em allies or enemies anymore??

How can Biden still make us think "Putin's the enemy," when he's been in bed with China all this time, and China's NOW playing footsies with Russia?

These sure are interesting times!


Those of us with healthy self-esteem, hold our friends to high standards. We expect these relationships to feel reciprocal and balanced, and as committed to our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, as we are to theirs. The expectation of reciprocal caring from our friends is typically based on many years of being able to solidly sense that these (relatively few) individuals are willing to give-back to us, as good as they GET from us. Over time, we gradually learn to trust them with our hearts~ often in ways we’ve never been able to solidly trust our parents or siblings.


https://rightwingnewshour.com/mark-wahlberg-breaks-silence-and-destroys-every-trump-hating-celebrity-in-epic-interview/ (Right thinking determines right behavior.)

Ya can't make up your mind to trust someone, or be vulnerable with 'em. Vulnerability comes thru learning another is trust-worthy, and having enough history together that's proven you can RELY on it.

I had a young male client many years ago, who stated he was "trying to be vulnerable" with the woman he was dating. Anyone who asks you to be open or vulnerable with 'em, has no fucking idea about genuine intimacy, and what it takes to BUIILD it!

Trust is a FEELING in one's inner core~ not an idea or concept manufactured in one's mind. You can't MAKE someone trust you, any more than you can make 'em love, admire or respect you. All these characteristics must be earned, over a considerable amount of time~ which makes the notion of "love at first sight," utterly absurd.

Men are notorious for getting trapped by Borderline Personality Disordered women who first pathologize, then NAG 'em about "opening up and sharing" what they're feeling or thinking, LONG before emotional trust in the relationship can be cultivated.

This is a serious lack of boundaries and empathy that people with BPD traits are well-known for, incidentally. The Psychologically Naive presume there's something "wrong" with themselves, if they don't feel comfortable shedding their self-protective defenses with someone they barely know . . . and there's the rub!

Borderlines (both male and female) are spectacularly adept at making you feel guilty, ashamed, unworthy of their affection, etc. This always happens after they've seduced you into entertaining fantasies of "happily ever after," because they've love-bombed ya almost from the start of your romance, and it's hard to even imagine, the euphoria you're feeling has an abbreviated lifespan!

So many wanna "fall in love," due to the out-of-control, intense emotions that are triggered during a new romance. Yet, don't people spend the rest of their days trying to REGAIN the sense of balance, order and control they chose to abandon at the start of that relationship?? Of course they do, silly!

We GROW to respect someone. We GROW to admire them. We GROW into loving them~ and with any luck, trusting 'em, if they've earned it from us!

It's virtually impossible to love someone ya can't trust or respect. Only fools think otherwise.