For the precious few who follow me here on Sovren, I'm sorry I've been gone so long. I'm the kinda mouse who goes down tunnels in the maze that have cheese for me. Sovren offers very little so far, so I'm not gonna be active here, perhaps for months or years to come.

I post a lot on Facebook, X and (especially) Substack. In fact, Substack has become my favorite place to educate others on life and love, and also to vent my political frustrations. Here are the links to my pages, and I hope you'll hop on and follow me on those platforms! (subscribe to my FREE newsletter!) (link to my "X" account)

God bless you ALL, and bye for now. Hope to see ya soon!

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There are some brilliant people on our planet, and to my mind, they’ve earned the right to feel arrogant about their level of expertise in a chosen field of endeavor. I’m not speaking here of ego-maniacal, conceit. I’m just suggesting there’s nothing wrong with

Life in a laboratory beaker

The Borderline's mind never rests. They constantly live in their head. They're prone to having monologues with others rather than dialogues, as their narcissism has them believing that only they have important ideas and facts to impart. For people with NPD and BPD traits,

This article may save your marriage.