So many people doubt themselves, their perceptions, their abilities and senses. This is for those of you who feel incompetent. Never good enough. Unlovable.....

Borderlines are attention whores. Like toddlers who throw tantrums, misbehave and act-out to make you angry, ANY attention feels better to 'em than none at all. It's precisely the same with the Alphabet Soup gangs (woke, lgbtq..., antifa, blm).

They CRAVE our attention, and go to extremes to capture it. When you repost their nonsense, you're giving em what they desperately want. The ONLY way to stop em, is to IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE. Don't feed their need, and they become irrelevant.


During, or on the heels of Harry's divorce from Meghan, I see him attempting suicide. Like ALL Borderlines, she's successfully cut him off from family and friends. He has NO support system, nobody he can rely on for sound, rational advice, and he's alienated every family member that ever cared about him.

I have heard thousands of stories just like this one, from former clients. They have NOBODY to help them thru this excruciatingly painful time. She's got two kids with Harry. She'll take him for everything he's worth.

Thank God, she can't get her fangs into the Royal Estate fund. With any luck at all, there was a pre-nup agreement, but I doubt it. Frankly, I'm surprised they lasted 5 years. My prediction was, they wouldn't make it past 3. I think the 2 kids helped stretch it out a bit.

Poor little (former) "Prince" Harry. No title, no family, no wife, no public sympathy (we all saw this coming) and no tangible sense of Self. Out of pity, the family 'may' come to his aid, but he's burned so many bridges with them, it's hard to say.

Go BPD, go broke ~in every conceivable way one can.

Borderline Personality Disorder is NOT a "mental illness," and neither is Narcissism. However, far end of the spectrum BPD individuals exhibit cognitive distortion and psychopathy to the extent it closely RESEMBLES Schizophrenia, which IS a mental illness.