I can smell again.
Here's the cure all to Covid symptoms and what's called long Covid.


Watch this explosive interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis and Jason Shurka exposing the truth, origin, and unexpected antidote for C19 that ravaged the world. Dr. Bryan Ardis is a renowned doctor and resear



Government is censoring google and YouTube the same way they censored FB and Twitter.
When I post anti government type comments I lose access to comment for a day or two. Hillary claimed Russian interference. Now our own government is interfering and not a word.

I don't have proof, but I know it's a dog when I hear a bark. Likewise, u.s. government is the only entity benefiting from my being censored. It's election season.


If the president isn't in good shape then the nation isn't in good shape.

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Short clip from an old video made years ago. 2008 maybe.
If interested, it starts around 11 minute mark. He starts out talking about how he died several times and what he saw. Skip about 10-20 minutes more to get to prophecies he made. (So far, he's 100%)

60 seconds · Clipped by Phoenix Tide · Original video "He Perfectly Predicted What's Coming Next." by PHILIP PAUL



Interesting. Most this stuff happened the same moment (couple days ago) the earth went through one of the most abnormal cme to date c.m.e. is a coronal mass ejection / sun flare. https://youtu.be/6vcLZeBjc0M

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