Dear AMA and "medical professionals," instead of demanding states stop interfering in the health care of "transgender" children, how about you stop interfering with parents wanting their children to be children before mutilating and chemically castrating them for profit?

And to the parents, let your child grow up before you make worse an issue that there's a 99.99% chance they will grow out of.

An interesting thing happened with the advent of the internet. Before it was unleashed onto the population, 0.001% of the population had gender dysphoria, and it was only in male children. It turns out there was a 0% chance of any of us having gone to school with a teenager who had the confusion. That is because the child was allowed to be a child and grew out of gender confusion.

In the last two decades, it now affects females, and the rate is 33%, and the males, well, it has risen as well. It turns out it just south of the females weighs in at 21%.

What we have here is a viral social contagion and its mode of infecting; the world wide web and those who seek to cause more harm than good in their never-ending lust to control the children's minds by shaming the parents.

So, the question becomes an alarming one. If you could control a child's mind, what would you do with it?


Here's the way this Twitter thing plays out. Nothing comes of it.

A sitting president gets silenced, and a war on the American people on American soil by its own federal and state government gets waged.

A "teachers" union dictates how public policy gets handled during a fake and erroneous "pandemic" that the CDC openly admits did everything wrong while unelected officials at the WEF implement how it will save the world by killing people with starvation and vaccinations and doing away with oil and coal expect for them; they need it to control the planet.

Oh, and let's not forget about making us eat bugs, owning nothing, and liking it.

And all of it is still ongoing, and people believe something will come of Twitter getting directed to carry out what to do by those very same POS seriously?

The feral government, from local to federal government agencies and the White House, silenced a sitting president and the opposition, deleted actual science posts, real scientists and their accounts, and is currently provoking a world war and allowing the enemy, China, free reign over the skies, the seas and our lives.

Don't hold your breath for justice to be served.



Without free speech, we are all just worms under murdering crows.

This is not to state you are free to teach children that it is okay and "natural" when an adult fondles them or exposes their genitalia to the child. It is anything but natural and most definitely not normal behavior.

You are not free to normalize sexual attraction to children. Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation; it is child molestation.

And it is not a First Amendment issue.

Prostasia Foundation advocates for replacing the word "pedophile" with "minor-attracted person" or "MAP."

So, to Guy Hamilton-Smith and Jeff White, enough with attempting to normalize what you did. And to Jeff white, 13 years of age is not even close to any age of consent.

The use and sale of sex dolls that look like children are child pornography that simulates sex with a minor for pedophiles, and funding "research" into "fantasy sexual outlets" for pedophiles isn't protected under any right you may believe you have.

So, it is no surprise that you and your fellow pedophiles want to do away with being on the list both of you are on.

Redefining the meaning of pedophile because of the negative connotation using the word conveys is the whole idea of the word.

To try and make it less "offensive" a word, so pedophiles aren't made to feel bad about acting out on their twisted and evil sexual acts of child molestation, makes those who defend the act culpable of the twisted evil that is child molestation.


Freedom is the Enemy of the State.

Prove me wrong.