The Biden Admin showed it can't handle questions this week as its top press secretaries lashed out at reporters asking for evidence regarding the claims that Russia is preparing staged "false flag attack” videos and that no civilians were killed by the US during a raid in Syria…


Former US Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, on the long-term impacts of the US Central Bank flooding the market with trillions of Dollars in cheap money and claiming to fight inflation, while doing the opposite…


The US has put 8,500 troops on alert for deployment to Eastern Europe, as Biden considers personal sanctions against Putin.

But while the US continues to escalate tensions, Ukrainian officials are urging calm and confirming that a Russian invasion is "NOT imminent."


The Biden Admin just delivered 200,00 pounds of 'Lethal Aid' to Ukraine, and is now reportedly considering sending thousands of troops to Eastern Europe...

This, as Russia denies the UK's vague claim that Moscow is plotting a US-style government overthrow in Ukraine.


The Digital Dollar is coming and the Federal Reserve is laying the groundwork. Notably, it would give the Gov't unprecedented control over the American people.

"When Gov't can say 'if you don't comply with what we want, we can drain your bank account...' that becomes a problem."