I know the journey is hard. So, This is your reminder. You ROCK!

I say it is time. Time for the United States of America to remember her roots. We have been giving politicians way too much power and way too much slack. They have given themselves ways to line their pockets, while leaving everyday Americans to be Bullied by doctors, IRS, and Corporate goon squads. We don't want to admit it, we want to believe all is right and good in the world. The only reason it was somewhat reasonable is because we had people giving blood, sweat, tears, and their lives, because they stood up. Rothchilds murdered men, women, and children in cold blood to get rich. They are now doing so, and weaponizing the government against us again. Meanwhile, they ransack our Social Security, Medicaid, and every other way they possibly can. They are NOT the only ones, but they are definitely in it.

The entire world needs the United States of America, Her People to RISE up, and clean our house, and put the money owed to us in our own banking system. They owe us $500trillion at the very least. They owe us our land, our labor, our sacrifices, and they owe for the damages they caused.

Then, They owe the entire earth, debts for damages, inhumane acts on people, animals, resources, and the earth.
For their next 5 generations. They OWE the Earth Reparations.

Okay, I'm back. Been studying, working, and trying to figure this crazy world out. Here I am. Lol

There are so many questions without answers. I have to say, Sovren is one of my main go to sites for truth and incites. So much to worry about. This world is crazy, and bought out by the agendas, and I personally don't like the agendas, because they contradict our sovereign rights as beautiful individuals with rights and responsibilities. And TPTB are wittling away at them like no tomorrow. What will become of this beautiful crazy world? We don't need pills, injections, or gaslighting. It's time that lives are sacred, choice is sacred, Thinking for ourselves sacred and essential. There is so much more to say here. But that will be for another day.

Today, I am questioning Everything. ALL of it! Everything on All media platforms, Everything in Gov, Everything we were ever told. I won't lie. It's confusing, especially when you realize religions are also a part of the lie. Why? And how to find the truth? Especially when media won't cover it, and it gets so quickly and easily deleted and silenced.

The part that gets me, is how truly priceless and precious even the homeless are. But nobody is looking to make the wrongs done to them, right. Our society, especially in the United States of America, is built on the rich getting stupid rich off of every birth certificate, every social security number, while millions upon millions STRUGGLE, and have ZERO clue as to their worth. Why? Because Nobody told them. And in 1933 our government sold us out before anyone had a voice, or knew they had one. Wait, that's right, We didn't have a voice or a choice. And now, They are doing everything in their power to hide it. But the fact that our ptb, could have EASILY paid for every one of us to go to college debt-free, and built our economy correctly. Instead, they felt it was better to keep us in a slave mindset, and dead to the truth.

Well, today, I set my mind free. I will keep digging, until we are set free indeed. The Bible wasn't JUST a piece of paper to make us feel better from our sin. It was also a guide to setting ourselves free from the Puppetmasters that consider us to be their slaves and livestock. We are NOT THINGS to OWN, we are people, sentient, and divine. We are designed for far greater things than perpetual fear.