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6 sweet, delicious fruits you can grow indoors all year long


(Homesteading.news) If you love organic fresh fruit but you can’t find it at your local market all year long, no worries – you can grow your own in the comfort of your home, and never be without again. If you’ve got a spacious sunroom, conservatory or a glazed porch, then you’ve got the perfect place to […]


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Stevia Facts

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Don’t microwave your food… it’s just not worth the risk


Hopefully, you don’t have a microwave in your kitchen, office place, or college dorm. Unfortunately, social engineering and millions of microwaveable meals later, this destructive device is part and parcel of food preparation for dummies. But if you’re not told of its immense dangers, you won’t know to get rid of it. Natural News writes, “‘Nukers,’ as […]


3 hrs ago

Study shows honeybees are starving because of Roundup


It should come as no surprise that the use of Roundup comes with many negative effects, not just on humans, but the environment. Things that live in our environment also cannot escape the consequences of Roundup. For example, a recent study published by The Journal of Experimental Biology found that Roundup actually causes honeybees to starve. […]


4 hrs ago

Natural pesticides you can make at home


(Homesteading.news) We all love organic food because we know going natural is better for our families. And, as growing season approaches, now is the time to talk about how best to keep your plants and vegetables pest-free without using dangerous chemicals that can leach into nearby waterways and soil. There are several natural pesticide recipes you […]