17 mins ago

HiCap operator and Eric from Satellite Phone Store talk real-world survival, rescue and military use of advanced satellite comms


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1 hr ago

The Health Ranger Mike Adams warns that inflation will eventually wipe out Social Security and pensions of Americans


The Health Ranger Mike Adams has warned that inflation will wipe out the pensions and Social Security of Americans, adding that this wipeout is already taking place. Adams shared an announcement from a state pension fund that one of his listeners received. According to the Natural News and Bright


2 hrs ago

Amazon is engaging in another book burning


All of a sudden, after six years of being available there, Leo Hohmann's popular work Stealth Invasion has been pulled from Amazon without any explanation. With many five-star reviews, and more than 135 reviews total, Stealth Invasion is apparently quite popular among readers. Even so, Amazo


4 hrs ago

Find alternatives to these atrocious companies


In case you have not noticed, the United States and much of the West has been taken over by corporations, many of them multinational, that have embraced "woke" ideologies that are inherently anti-American. And someone put together a giant list of boycott targets based on questionable corpo


5 hrs ago

Go woke, go broke.


Once again, the motto "Go woke, go broke," proves itself to be true. According to a recently released database by the Claremont Institute, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank New York (SBNY) donated a total of $71.5 million to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. SVB contr