18 mins ago

Did you know that you can improve air quality in your home using essential oils?


Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy or to freshen up the laundry. But did you know that using the right combination of essential oils can help disinfect the air in your home? It might seem like keeping your windows closed is the best way to keep air pollutants out of your home, but doin


1 hr ago

Globalists aim to feed the world with lab-produced meat as part of the Great Reset


The genetically modified organism (GMO) industry is currently pushing for the substitution of animal products such as beef, poultry, dairy and fish with synthetic meat and gene-edited foods. This big food goal advocated by globalist elites as part of the Great Reset was inadvertently revealed at


2 hrs ago

Announcement of Russia defaulting on debts an attempt to divert attention away from the West's endless money printing


The announcement that Russia has defaulted on its debt is an attempt by Western central banks to hide the fact that it is destroying the global financial system by flooding it with more newly printed money. Russia has supposedly defaulted on its external sovereign bonds for the first time since 1


3 hrs ago

Biden's goal of expanding wheat production is not realistic


During President Joe Biden's speech last month at the O'Connor Farm in Illinois, he encouraged American farmers to expand the production of wheat through extra efforts like double-cropping to feed the world. However, farmers aired their concerns that they can't do this easily. Bide


4 hrs ago

Disney slammed for shouldering the travel costs of employees seeking abortions


A resort manager working for The Walt Disney Company blasted the media giant for shouldering the travel costs of employees heading to states where abortion is legal. Florida congressional candidate Jose Castillo accused the company of "trying to influence politics" after it announced pl