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In this world that is ruled by Satan who turns everything upside down, sex is sinful and criminalized while war and fighting is glorified. But I tell you that it is not sinful to give another person pleasure, but to hurt another person is and the woman who gives birth to a child is greater than the soldier who takes a life and the day is coming of the new earth that Satan will no longer
rule that this will be understood.


Hang In There

A lonely leaf hangs on the branch
Refusing to let go
But you know
The season’s over
You got to go
But it refused wouldn’t you know
All winter long
There it was
Was it love
In the spring came a dove
Spotted the leaf
What a wonderful piece
To my nest above
and so the lonely leaf was taken above
To take part in the birth of a new dove
All I can think
It must be love
All I can say
Hang in there
Don’t let go
You’ll be taken up
When the Spring time comes
To be apart of the birth
Of a dove

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 2/28/24

I can't say for sure that I wrote this for the Palestinians. It came to me and I wrote it, that's typically how it works. But it reminds me of them and If I could tell them anything - hang in there, and you will be taken above. Anyways enjoy and if you feel it applies to you, Blessed Be.