Blessed be Yehovah, the God of my master Abraham, who has not forsaken His loyalty & His truth toward my master (Gen 24:27). Abraham's servant gives a wonderful blessing to God, but what exactly is a blessing & how does it differ from gratitude?

Blessings are typically short declarations of honor, showing awareness of the source of 'blessing.' May we learn to Lift up our hands & bless Yehovah, Maker of heaven & earth (Psa 134:1-3).
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Abraham's servant was given water by Rebekah, nothing out of the norm apart from showing extended kindness to a stranger (Gen 24:12-21). But, her simple act of kindness paid huge dividends, being rewarded with a husband & joining Yeshua's heritage.

We too have opportunity to extend kindness to others, even in the seemingly small mundane things. Such acts of kindness can pay huge dividends in the course of life, far beyond anything we can see or imagine. May we love others as He loves us.
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Now Sarah’s life was 127 years (Gen 23:1). Sarah is the only woman whose age is mentioned & name changed in Scripture. She is also the ancestor of the Messiah. Sarah didn't understand her value to God's plan as she was initially focused on why God couldn't use her (Gen 18:12).

Sometimes we too focus on why God can't or won't use us, or only in a limited way, instead of trusting we're of value to God!