If this isn’t proof legacy media is lying about whats happening in Ukraine,
I don’t know what is. Live people posing dead in body bags for media. https://youtu.be/YF1GQGRqtcA

I have no context to offer , I haven’t researched it . It was just funny to me



Uk calling for mass arrest of covid corporate criminals closure of jab clinics and seizure of all vials.

UK calling for mass arrests of covid corporate criminals involved in world wide genocide.



Our prime minister before covid... now mandating vax
Just proves you can't trust him https://fb.watch/aofKqAur-L/


My Brothers and sisters at Canada Post are fighting back against the
vaccine mandates thats set a very dangerous president!


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They say you have to pay to play….. but the price should never be your child's life. These are just some if the stories that actually make it out. Recently we heard of another family friend, 17 year old right here in Toronto. He also got the “ vaccine “ to play hockey and he passed less than 8 days later of complications from Myocarditis. My heart breaks for these children and families.