The truth the mainstream woke crowd wants to ignore...

10 hrs ago

Sad omission of reality, but so very true. It's intentional.

21 hrs ago

While I remain open to new information, "climate change" is so vague and nebulous, it is ripe for abuse as a veneer for tyranny.


"You're just jumping on the trans hate movement... Why don't you speak out about child pageants?!"

Nope! We have!! #TheFreeThoughtProject has been speaking out about the child sexualization agenda since at least 2017 👇



To be clear, I am not opposed to the idea of this country being more energy independent. Unfortunately, one of the best ways to do that is increase oil exploration, drilling and transportation necessary to accommodate the country's growing needs.

However, a president who claims to be combating climate change, protecting public health and advocating for environmental justice while simultaneously allowing oil companies to lock in decades of fossil fuel extraction is exactly one thing... A hypocrite.

I suppose we shouldn't believe anything politicians or presidents tell us, but use this as ammo next time someone tries to tell you the government is trying to solve the climate emergency.

That's a bald face lie.

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