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A special documentary about surviving when the grid goes down, cell towers are offline and the worst case scenario has emerged. Predictions and analysis from Steve Quayle and Mike Adams. Learn how to maintain communications using satellite technology. See examples of how to have backup power options to keep your electronics, phones, laptops and flashlights fully charged, or even run small appliances. Sponsored by the Satellite Phone Store (SAT123.com)



Last one …

This one is … interesting…

Take courage and stay strong 💪!

Del recently visited the laboratory of Pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, to get a first-hand look under microscopes to find out what is true, and what is not, about Covid-19 vaccines, along with unusual samples from postmortem vaccinated patients. Then, Del tests his own blood on each one of the Covid Vaccines. #DrRyanCole #BloodClots #LabInvestigation #CovidVaccines […]



This one - ( I believe it’s almost at the end … maybe in the last 20 min? 25?) gives some concrete suggestions and ideas of hot to treat C-19 : vitamin D,C and minerals. They also recommend Nigella Sativa - Black seed oil, Dandelion Leaf Extract, and nasal sprays to keep viral load low. I have tried most of what they recommend and I am still c- negat… unjbd!

It is a very worthwhile vid for those of you who are still going through this madness …

Blessings from the heart ♥️

In the end… everything will be OK! Stay strong and hold the line more than ever!


Watch tonight at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific a Special VSRF Holiday Replay with Dr. Richard Urso and Dr. Ryan Cole. Drs. Urso & Cole, founders of the Global Covid Summit (GCS), will also discuss the lat



Hello wonderful people of this world!

Here, I have a video from a report from Pzr.

It talks about how much they knew and there are details of the European Commission for safety.

Dr. Naomi points out that there could be an interesting connection in having people somewhat confused in order to exploit posible lack of critical thinking due to damage to the brain… ? 🤔

Please take a listen

Watch now (42 min) | Pfizer’s conclusion: “This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues.”



Burning sensation on the face/ lips
Nose bleeds…

I hear that more and more young kids are having these types of reactions… anyone hearing same ? Similar ? Others ?
Could this be due to F’s Jbs?