Good day to all my Sovren patriots. Let me first off, state, my platform is simple: Good morals & ethics.
With that being said, we not only have been brain-washed into compliance with laws & rules, but instilled with fear into actually doing what is necessary when confronted by EVIL. George Washington and inspired 3% of the colonists, did what was necessary to deal with EVIL. EVIL only knows 3 things-Fear, violence and death. Those are the only things that we need to do in order to fight EVIL. Yes, we need 100% undisputed facts & evidence to make sure we aren't "Wild-Wild-West" or lynch mobs. But we've put our expectations on a fair & just legal system.
EVIL has infiltrated EVERY aspect of the worlds authoritative positions. Medical, science, education, government, financial, judicial, media, law enforcement and we just lay down and accept it. Humans are idiots. Wash-Rinse-Repeat. Enjoy your slavery. If all people do, are "Debate", "Discuss" and "Pray" someone will do anything about it, words without action are meaningless..