On this episode of Direct Impact, Rick Sanchez discusses the consequences of Iran’s recent attack on Israel. Was this a simple tit-for-tat to save face and show the world Iran is prepared to go toe-to-toe with Israel? Or could we actually be on the verge of World War III? Rick is joined by history professor Mohammad Marandi from Tehran, and editor at The Cradle, Esteban Carrillo. Join us on Direct Impact for this and more.


On this episode of Direct Impact, Rick Sanchez goes over the hottest topics of the previous week with Radio Hosts Wilmer Leon and Jamarl Thomas. Rick & guests discuss whether or not Julian Assange could possibly be freed from Belmarsh Prison in the near future. And is the Ukrainian company Burisma (previously associated with Hunter Biden) funding terrorist attacks in Russia? And why is US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen lecturing China, and what does China have to say in response? Join us on Direct Impact for all of this and more.


Every year, the G-20 Summit is held at some location around the world. The G-20 Summit this year was held in New Delhi, India, with very little attention paid to the international conference, despite the presence of every member of the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, the BRICS Summit in South Africa, which was held months before the G-20, received considerable coverage, as all eyes were watching Russia to see if President Vladimir Putin was attending the economic bloc's conference. Direct Impact's Rick Sanchez sits down with Daniel McAdams to discuss the G-20 Summit and its purpose in the world.


We've heard about the importance of global warming from the White House on several occasions, but while Washington lectures several nations about this topic, even threatening sanctions for violators, the U.S. clearly doesn't always practice what it preaches. As the world's largest producer of oil, the U.S. continues to add to global warming worldwide with their carbon emissions. So it should come as no surprise that the U.S., who lectures China on their carbon emissions, is also one of the biggest polluters in the world. Direct Impact's Rick Sanchez sits down with journalist Marco Fernandes to discuss this climate hypocrisy.


Politics is an old man's game - or so we have come to believe. If you look at today's Congress, there are several lawmakers who have been in office for years. However, as the Boomer generation becomes one of the oldest, a new age group is emerging as one of the most important demographics in the 2024 presidential election. Direct Impact's Rick Sanchez speaks to a chorus of experts to better understand this young silent majority.