Trump is helping to set a lot of people up...

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The Second Coming of Trump the Savior | Know More News LIVE w/ Adam Green & Donnie Darkened
[August 10th, 2022]

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Credit goes to Adam Green of Know More News.

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Predictive programming, much?

Trackdown - The End of the World (1958)
[Jan 15, 2017]
(Season 1 Episode 30)
(23 minutes)

A con man named Walter Trump comes to town filled with gullible people promising to save it's citizens from impending doom.

More monkey business with monkey pox.
This sounds like damage control, to me.
Remember to "trust the science."
[Aug 10, 2022]

"Trust the Science..." Maaannnn, that crap reminds me of the "TRUSTUS" skit from the movie CB4, with Chris Rock (1993)
(warning, skit does a good job of what it's meant to do)
(extra warning, in case for those of you who don't get it, don't let kids in earshot...includes rap with vulgar lyrics along with attitudes)

Next time the mantra of "Trust the Science" comes up, just imagine the sick, twisted shit that's REALLY going on behind the scenes at the top, because it's always worse than what is allowed for public consumption. Remember, Epstein was just one player.

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Dangerous Demagogues and the Diabolical Demons of Mass Formation
[July 28th, 2022]
(2 hours, 32 minutes)
(Notice the Svengali segment around minutes 15 - 27)


Prof. Mattias Desmet and the psychology of the origins of totalitarianism
[September 17th, 2021]
(23 minutes)

The Psychology of Totalitarianism with Mattias Desmet
[June 6th, 2022]
(1 hour, 14 minutes)

The Psychology of Totalitarianism - Interview with Mattias Desmet
[June 15th, 2022]
(1 hour, 28 minutes)

Mattias Desmet - The Psychology of Totalitarianism - Interview by Del Bigtree
[June 17th, 2022]
(1 hour)


The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet
Hardcover - June 23, 2022

The Psychology of Totalitarianism Audiobook by Mattias Desmet
[June 16th, 2022]

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Christopher Jon Bjerknes' books found below:

Beware the World to Come (Third Edition)

Rise Above the Gods Who Hate Us (3rd Ed.)

Satanic Secrets of Jesus Christ Volume I - War Curses and Cacodaemons

Satanic Secrets of Jesus Christ Volume II - Jesus Is Satan

Plato, Aristotle and Polybius described the entrancing power demagogues hold over the mobs of the great unwashed masses of the Hoi Polloi. The ancients warned us that this disastrous demagogical phase...