The Trillion Dollar Equation
[Feb 27, 2024]
(30 minutes)

The most famous equation in finance, the Black-Scholes/Merton equation, came from physics. It launched an industry worth trillions of dollars and led to the ...

Christian Feet Washers, 'Champions of Diversity', Temple Cult, Mystical Jesus | Know More News w/ Adam Green
[February 15, 2024]
(2 hours)

PUTIN Memes OCCULT Meanings!
[February 22, 2024]
(4½ minutes)

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X-Men 97 won't live up to the legend
[Feb 21, 2024]
(17 minutes)

The people in charge of the media need therapy sessions. How in the Hell did they get into a position of authority to influence the population through different forms of media & mediums to this degree!? It's almost as if everything needs to be boycotted out of existence to start over again without the promotion of a protected status by the government, and that includes non-profits/higher learning/religious institutions.

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Capcom EXPOSED for Accepting Woke Agenda + Batman Arkham Artist REJECTS Suicide Squad
[Feb 23, 2024]
(20 minutes)

A voice actor for extremely popular characters within series like Devil May Cry & Street Fighter has spoken out over being cancelled over false information s...