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Jack Poso @JackPosobiec :
Here is a map of terror attacks in Europe.
Poland has a strict no-migrants policy.
Draw your own conclusions

5 hrs ago

Child predator enabler Scott Wiener(D) honors gay porn producer Michael Williams in the CA state house.
Scott Wiener(D) decriminalized drugs, murder-by-AIDs and Pedophile rape

6 hrs ago

Raise your hand if you think Shari’a Law Is the Most Merciful Legal System the World has Ever Seen? Oh wait...

American Imam Tom Facchine said in a video that was posted to the YouTube channel of the New York State Utica Masjid, on January 11, 2023 that people are mis...


7 hrs ago

The SPLC is a sham organization that has been pimping the myth of vast armies of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the KKK louder and more stridently in direct proportion to the near statistical non-existence of them
SPLC terrorists have confirmed kills, staff on bail for TERRORISM and met with #DemocRATS in the White House

The SPLC has long been known for tarnishing organizations with Christian missions or conservative ties as ‘hate groups.’


7 hrs ago

#DemocRATs Instagram Helps Pedophiles Find Children and Child Porn
#DemocRATs murder the unborn and castrate or rape the survivors

An enormous pedophile network is operating on Meta-owned Instagram, not just disseminating child pornography but also selling "commissions".