On this episode of The Cost of Everything host Christy Ai with expert Ivan Kerkoc to explore the remarkable rise of esports from a niche interest to a billion-dollar industry in just a decade. What was once seen as a casual pastime has now evolved into a competitive ecosystem, attracting substantial investments and global tournaments. Esports isn't just about gaming; it's a multifaceted industry with professional players, teams, sponsors, and a diverse audience. With countries like the US, China, and South Korea leading the charge, esports has become a cultural and economic powerhouse, reshaping how we perceive and engage with video games.

In this episode of The Cost of Everything, host Christy Ai teams up with author Marion Nestle to uncover the hidden costs lurking on our plates, particularly in the realm of fast food – an area often overlooked in terms of its health ramifications. Together, they delve into how what may seem like a convenient and satisfying meal option can actually harbor a multitude of hidden costs for our wellbeing. By unraveling the complexities of fast-food ingredients – from preservatives and additives designed to enhance flavor and prolong shelf life to chemicals that may pose risks to human health – Christy and Marion shed light on the true impact of fast-food consumption. They also examine the stark differences in food regulations between the US and Europe, highlighting banned substances in other countries that continue to find their way into American fast-food products.

In this episode of The Cost of Everything, we dive deep into the realm of adoption, exploring its costs and complexities as a significant choice for many Americans. Hosted by Christy Ai and joined by author Mirah Riben, we dissect the intricate adoption process, covering everything from agency fees to legal nuances and comparing private and agency-driven adoptions. Adoption agencies play a pivotal role in matching families and navigating legal and emotional challenges. Despite the financial investment, adoption is more than just a transaction – it's a lifelong journey with profound emotional impacts.

In this episode of The Cost of Everything, host Christy Ai and author Robert Mack delve into the profound impact of depression and anxiety on individuals and society. They analyze staggering statistics, such as the 280 million people globally affected by depression, including 21 million in the US alone, along with the economic consequences, like lost productivity and rising healthcare costs. The discussion navigates through the multifaceted nature of mental health challenges, touching on cultural attitudes that stigmatize mental health issues in some societies. Despite these hurdles, there’s an encouraging trend of decreasing stigma, paving the way for more open discussions and enhanced support, including tailored mental health programs in workplaces and communities.

On this episode of The Cost of Everything, we delve into the expenses associated with achieving and maintaining pristine white teeth. Host Christy Ai engages in a conversation with dentist Dr. Joseph Khalil to explore the factors influencing pricing in dental procedures, the role of technology in potentially reducing costs for patients, and strategies for patients to minimize the overall expense of achieving a flawless smile while ensuring good oral health.