It was all part of their WEF plan.
Everything was intentional.
Stop giving them credit for ignorance & lack of intent so they can be excused from their crimes against humanity.

Ramaswamy: ‘I’m Closer‘ to 2015‘s Donald Trump ‘Than Today‘s Trump Is‘

I'm in for @VivekGRamaswamy.
He makes @realDonaldTrump a stronger candidate.
I want a team up.
Don't want them fighting each other, they can win together.
Together they are an awesome combination & they can't be bought! via

I've come around to the idea of free birth control.
We have a significant segment of the population that can't understand the concept of not using abortion as birth control.
I think it would behoove us to supply birth control, free of charge, to that segment of the population.

Here is some unsolicited advice for Jack Texeira:

Immediately declare that you are a Transgender Whistleblower & ask Obama to direct Biden to give you a Presidential Pardon.
Why not?
It worked for Chelsea Manning.

LGBTQIA+MAP is psycho-sexual warfare pushed down by the WEF to brainwash, cause mental illness & reduce the population. #WEFGenocide