Plandemic- Mass Formation- Mattias Desmet

Mattias Desmet, in this short video for Plamdemic 3, talks about the macro abusive "family" we are living in today that I lived and had no choice to study and investigate since the 70s and 80s. Sooner or later it comes down to psych health and fitness.

How can so many people be so manipulated? Living in harmful dysfunction and abuse not just in the family but in the community as well forced me to take a good, hard look at abuse of "authority", the lasting health effects it creates, why people sell out rather then protect the most vulnerable to protect the abusers?

This was by NO means an easy topic to investigate. I experienced a lot of opposition and went down this road alone.

But, I knew I had to because I knew what I lived, experienced, witnessed, saw and felt was real when everyone else wanted nothing more than to shut me up and kick the debt can down the road.

Well, the road has ended and the avoiding of facts and science is here waiting.

Its not hard to understand when one simply does the math, looks closely at the science and facts if they truly wanted to find the truth.

Most people didn't want to. They went in the opposite direction of looking at the facts. They engaged in a huge Cover up for more than 50 years.

Its a DEBT system. Debt systems create debt. Health debt, $$ debt, nature debt and endless wars and conflict for $ instead of solving problems. Keep the problems and death going, who cares as long as Corps, Govs and banksters are dominating lands, natural resources and putting dictators in countries they want in.

Mattias spoke about when he realized the Plandemic was being hyped to control the masses. How entire nations can be in the grip of a narrative that’s "blatantly wrong and absurd".

I know I'm not the only person who "grew up" in abuse and dysfunction. I Know I'm not the only one who stood up to and fought an abusive "parent" back. I know there are many, many people who are very familiar with abusers in "authority" when they were young.

Do they not get the chance to gain any momentum, validation, support? Do they run out of runway to get off the ground?

Something Johnny Depp said in his def trial came to mind, and I am in no way absolving him of some of the responsibility in his relationship with Heard.

He said that when he was young in 1985 when he got into movies that "someone handed him the ball and he ran with it".

Even though Depp experienced abuse as a child from both "parents", he didn't stand up to them or speak out about it.He was able to get momentum keeping quiet and being handed a ball.

I couldn't keep quiet and I had NO choice but to confront my abuser. My body did it automatically as a teen. That seems to have been the beginning of the end for me.

All I did was get gaslit, shamed, the abuser excused and I was treated like I was here to take care of and feel sorry for the abuser instead of the other way around.

What I lived was so painful and so harmful to my health which was why my body naturally fought back. People around me tried to make my body "wrong" for doing that.

That’s INSANE. That’s like saying your body is "wrong" or "mistaken" when the skin repairs itself after a cut or burn. Or vomiting is "wrong" after you eat something bad. How can the body be "wrong?" It can't. It isn't.

Man is wrong and when the body's, or nature's, adverse responses expose man as being wrong in the abusive family system, that did little to make any changes in this country.

People just made abuse and dysfunction normal a d a child's adverse response to it was crushed. Case closed. Facts didn't matter, clear feedback from the child's body didn't count. Those in "power" can't be wrong.

But, of course they can and ARE and have been for decades but, got away with it while those in their trust paid the price.

Then the video goes on to show people kissing with masks on, eating with a mask on, swimming, jogging, etc. I mean, I knew psych, mental, emotional health, child abuse, dysfunctional relationships, enabling and co dependency were important and in desperate need of looking into 5 decades ago but, THIS IS RIDICULOUS.FACT-

One Must be an Adult Child for Mass Formation to occur. One has to be in an emotionally deficient state and have been FAILED by "parents" to blindly give power and trust away so easily.

There is no way around the fact that we live in an extraordinarily Dysfunctional country and world. And if we don't Face the Painful FACTS, its game over. War criminals threatening nuclear war have control. With impunity.

The video even shows teachers singing a song with small children; "I wear a mask to school".

Hasn't anyone ever heard of rebelling? Healthy dissent? Are we to have "parents" over us for the rest of our lives? Used to be, if someone lived with their parents into their 30s, 40s or longer that was considered unhealthy.

Failure to Launch. What about Failure to Launch for the masses with the Gov?

Doesn't anyone think its unhealthy for adult people to NEVER cut the cord? Stay dependent all ones life? Never get raised to think and act for oneself like healthy adults are supposed to?

Its quiet obvious the Family system is the micro of the macro dysfunctional system that has deliberately crippled people from ever severing the ties with the Mass abusive "parents". Abusers want to keep people controlled, on a tight leash, in a relationship that works for the abusers at the expense of the other person.

If people can be in abusive relationships in families and in personal lives why can't we have one on a mass scale?Abusers can be anywhere. People in Gov/Corps are not immune to the afflictions that plague the rest of us.

They get afflicted even worse and have the ability to do more damage.Psych/mental/emotional health is the MOST important health to have when few people actually do.When people say, "health is wealth" they usually mean physical only.

But, how many people actually SELL their health for $$ everyday they go to work? Sell their self worth, if they had any, sell their authenticity, their own judgement, sell their morals, their passions, their dreams for debt $. Mattias calls Mass formation Hypnosis. Releasing anything that goes against the Mass narrative.

Of course Mattias Desmet is referring to covid, masks and jabs but, we have had Mass Formation for decades. Its only gotten worse since the Plandemic.

People have Always gone along with the crowd, afraid to not belong. I worked hard all my life not to be that way. In my naive state for decades before I realized how bad things are, I thought people were healthier and valued distinction not following the crowd.

I worked out ALL the time. I was so used to resisting and challenging "authority" and what most people did because I believed it would take me to where and who I belonged with. It hasn't yet and I'm 58 years old. I have some I connect to on topics but remotely, not in person.

Mattias speaks about how the "official" narrative encourages people to SELF SACRIFICE for the collective. Which one should never do. Its a classic sign of an abusive relationship. Anyone in a position of Genuine Authority would Never ask someone they cared about to sacrifice themselves for nothing.

The public isn't sacrificing themselves for the collective but, for corporate "profit". The same as the Military. The youth are brainwashed they are going off to do some duty for their country when they're being sacrificed for Sociopaths and more for them at our expense.

This is a hard pill to swallow but, swallow it we must. People have to face the truth that Sociopaths run the world and have and will sacrifice you in a second for themselves. Watch Sacrificing Liberty for more proof.

Why have children been sacrificed and abused for decades? For what? Children are meant to be the future. How can Sacrificing them bring a better one? Pay attention. Do the MATH. Look at the science. Look closer! Do your due diligence.

WHERE is the evidence the US Gov is for the people? The bank bailout? 9/11? Gary Webb? Julian Assange? Endless wars? Debt? Poverty? Child abuse, child sex trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein's sweet heart deal? Ghislaine Maxwell -the only one who went to jail? Sending billions to Israel, getting into conflicts that are not in US interests? Debtors prisons, mass incarceration? Guantanamo? Torture?

The Poverty Industry by Daniel Hatcher and the series The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez has shown the kind of country we live in, the mortgage crisis, the Flint water crisis.

Did I miss one?I'm sure I did. Oh yeah, the Franklin Credit Union scandal. I guess its just not hard for me at all to know that those in "power" would most definitely harm and kill you since I felt it since the early 70s. And not just "parents" but, everyone who all excused the abuser and minimized what I experienced.

They may not have done harm consciously or intentionally but, it doesn't matter. They did it. FACTS MATTER.

Why don't people know how to treat each other and raise their children right if we live in such a "healthy" society?

Shouldn't parenting be instinctual? Something that gets passed down by nature? If we've lived in a system with so much child abuse and abusive, dysfunctional families and communities who throw children under the bus to some degree, that is NOT a healthy system. And it's only worsened over the decades.

Watch the Keepers, Spotlight at how its the VICTIMS of abuse who get Abused More and tell me we live in a Gov that "cares". Please! Wake up.

Mattias Desmet speaks about how its the Dissenters who get attacked.

I know that feeling. Its a war on health! Dissenting is Healthy! Rebellion is HEALTHY. Thinking and feeling for oneself is Healthy, being distinct Is healthy, bio diversity IS healthy!

Anger at being used, robbed and abused IS healthy! If society continues to be at War with the mentally Healthy because it makes them look bad, they’ll destroy the social immune system and give the Cancer that runs the world even More leverage.

WHY is it SO hard for people to challenge "authority" and grasp that they ARE abusive as adults?

They have to be adult children. If we don't admit it we can't change it.

Psych health needs a cure.

Desmet goes on to speak of how people start to feel "connected" during covid in mask wearing and sacrificing for the "good of all" after being isolated during the lockdown which wasn't for the "good of all" and only made public health worse! Articles in Children's Health Defense wrote about the increase in teen suicide and mental health crisis for which schools did not have adequate treatment for. This is one another

Like it or not people are going to learn the hard way to become mentally health experts like I, and many others, were forced to decades ago.A clip of Rachel Maddow telling the public, "you don't do it for yourself you do it for others".

Like Rachel Maddow is really sacrificing herself lying to the masses with that huge paycheck she's getting. Fauci, with the $$ he's gotten in the 50 years he's been getting away with murdering children in Harlem NYC in AIDS experiments then burying them in a mass grave.

All those telling You you have to sacrifice, let's see THEM do it first! All those telling others to sacrifice are doing pretty good for themselves.What is and isn't dysfunctional and abusive is an emergency to learn ASAP.

Desmet encourages Dissenting voices to continue to speak out! Challenge is what we must do! Definition is what we need. He says people will Self Sacrifice in order to "connect" but, it isn't Real connection if you have to get rid of yourself to have it. The same with $$.

Sacrificing what one should protect the most for some perceived "wealth" or reward Never brings what we sought because we gave up what has Real value to get it.

Hence the Benjamin Franklin quote; Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
But, as starving for connection goes, its not an easy thing to do. It takes someone with healthy self worth.

Mattias Desmet is recognized as the world’s leading expert on the theory of mass formation and is the author of Psychology of Totalitarianism. He is also a professor of clinical psychology in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ghent University (Belgium) and a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist.In this exclusive Plandemic 3 interview, filmmaker Mikki […]

I have done the math of the Dysfunctional, abusive Family, child abuse for decades due to what I experienced first hand. Like it or not, its what it All comes down to, the Accounting. The accounting most people don't do because they are too busy believing that $$ is the real economy. But, it isn't.

How the story of the USS Liberty attack June 8, 1967and Child Abuse Align
Abuse of Power comes in All sizes. The signs and Symptoms are "hidden" in PLAIN SIGHT
Catherine Watters
58 min ago

Today, June 8 1967. The story of the USS Liberty attack by Israel. Then, a 55 year long gag order and more attacks on the survivors since, instead of acknowledgement and reparations decades ago.

I know no one is going to care about my story. I've known it for over 50 years.

Children are not here to be protected and raised. They're here to inherit the bill.

USA - A country at the Expense of the people and vulnerable children for endless war and Corporate "profits".

When I hear the story from the survivors of the Liberty, 2 of whom I've interviewed a few times, Ernest Gallo and Joe Meadors, I hear my story coming out of their mouths.

What is this system for? What does, has this country stood for in the last 100 years?

Because of this country's break down in being one By, For and Of the people the Family system has been broken for a long time.

Its quite obvious the US Government isn't for its people but, at their expense instead.

That mentality gets passed from "parents" to children.

If people are not going to protect and defend the VERY thing its supposed to defend and protect; children, their own rights, the, what are you doing?

People all around me for over 50 years made ME the bad guy and silenced me for speaking out and trying to get justice for myself.

There was No one but me to stand up for myself and I wasn't even allowed to do it.

If that isn't a Lost system I don't know what is.

If that isn't a system going in the Wrong direction then Nothing is.

Yes, the US Corporate, Israeli Gov attempted to KILL all 205 crew members aboard, sink the shop with NO survivors to blame Egypt so the US could enter the 6 day war for Israel.

But, if you speak facts and say Israel attacked the Liberty with deliberate intent you're a "Jewish hating","Anti-Semite".

People function on Emotion not Facts.

I know that ALL to well.

So if you can't call a spade a spade, speak simple facts, call reality what it IS, see what you saw, know what you know, experience what you experienced because it upsets others and emotionally triggers them to face uncomfortable truthes they dont want to face, innocent people must be sacrificed to keep the deception and emotional coddling going for those who can't handle it. Right?

Its been quite clear for a very long time the US Corporate government is in it for itself at the very expense of those it's supposed to represent.

Me, I don't by that. I don't believe adults are supposed to have "leaders", parents all their lives. I believe people are supposed to be raised to be healthy adults who lead themselves and cut the cord from "authority".

I believe Amerika is one Giant dysfunctional, abusive "family" system that is extraordinarily Co Dependent and deliberately tried to keep people as adult children who are dependent on the system when it should raise people to not need it. Like healthy parents are supposed to do.

The survivors of the USS Liberty are getting older and running out of time.

Which is EXACTLY what this corrupt government wants. For them to Die and with them the truth.

It wanted them to the Die this day 55 years ago when I was 3 years old.

I've been saying the same thing about abuse of "power".

It amazes me how disoriented people are when they silence and criminalize the very people whos side they should be on.

The amount of child abuse by "parents" in the US is such Obvious PROOF of what our Gov is. So many people seem to want to act as though its "confusing".

I believe its been the entire Country, the public of the US who nearly killed then, gagged the crew of the Liberty by never holding "leaders", "parents" in this country accountable and by enabling them to carry on committing atrocities around the world and in the US for decades.

Why don't Amerkans Rise up?

The People have FAILED their children miserably for over a half a century, maybe more.

I WAS FAILED then criminalized for speaking truth about it! This is Outrageous! And this is what this country has been. Inverted.

Survivors of child abuse are the same as the USS Liberty survivors.

Its not hard to see the connection.

WHY are people allowing what we should be holding the Most Sacred to be sacrificed? How can that possibly bring us to a better place?

Abuse of Power comes in All sizes. The signs and Symptoms are "hidden" in PLAIN SIGHT

Amerika is a Mass Abusive "Family"

Catherine Watters
Feb 23

I saw this post recently
Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland

It starts with;
The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors

And other things like;
Key factors contributing to the current heightened threat environment include:

The proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions:

For example, there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19. Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021.

Malign foreign powers have and continue to amplify these false or misleading narratives in efforts to damage the United States.

I know I was not the only person to "survive" abuse not as a child but, since I was a child, teen but, I do feel that way most days.
I can't believe More focus is not put on the Abusive "family", child abuse and neglect and the obvious lack of fitness that has pervaded neighbors in Amerika since the early 70s.
I literally can't believe that I am living the larger version of the intolerable conditions I worked SO hard at trying to get others to acknowledge, recover from and move towards something healthier.

Amerika is One Giant Abusive, dysfunctional "family" system.

Millions of people live and have lived in abuse, neglect and dysfunction right in the "home" for decades. Its an issue i dove into understanding and studying 5 decides ago due to my own horrible experiences.

Simply, the people were their own enemy. It wasn't the Powers That Be who did the abusing. It was the people themselves who advocate their own oppression and that of their children and neighbors children.

I didn't need to know anything about Government corruption, false flags, Corporate corruption or greed, (isn't a strong enough word).
All I needed to know was the fact that I was living with enemies All around me since the early 70s.

The destruction of the health of children physically, emotionally and spiritually by "parents" and neighbors, Corps like Pfizer, and people like Fauci, Gates, institutions like the NIH, FDA and the NIAID are neck and neck with.

We have a raging mental health crisis in the US among tyranical "leaders" and their enabler public.

I have tried to speak out about the health destruction caused by immature, adult child parents for 5 decades and was criminalized for it.

I can't understand why the harm of children by parents isn't responded to with more outrage and rallies, marches and Bridge closures.
Yet people expect the likes of Fauci, Gates, Big Pharma and the Gov to care about them.

I can't think of a greater betrayal than the abuse and neglect of a parent to a child.
Isnt it obvious that the family system has been a micro of the macro for a long time?
If we have had a pandemic of domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, broken, single parent families, poverty that has existed and never remedied for decades that there is absolutely ZERO reason people should trust the Mandated jab and the "official" covid narrative.
Where is there Any evidence over the last 60 or more years of anything the US Corp Gov has done for the people?

I had to be the one as a child then teen in the late 70s into the early 80s to call out and stand up to an abusive "parent" who was mangling the HELL out of my health and filling me with rage and frustration.
My health was wrecked by 1972 at age 8 and even more by the early 80s.
The simple fact is; the health of the young cannot be tolerated in dysfunctional and abusive environments.
The healthy youth exposes the lack of fitness of the "authority" and, therefore, must crush the healthy youth.

You don't need to look any further than the family system in the US to know the level of health of the country.

There is a Serious need in this country for people to learn what healthy relationships are. What is or isn't dysfunctional, enabling, codependent, what healthy boundaries are because its obvious too many people in the US don't know what they are.

Just to have a comparison I'm posting the health harm from child abuse and neglect to the health harm from the "vaccine".

My question is, WHY is a physical adverse response to the jab any worse than adverse responses to the treatment a child receives in their own home?
WHY isn't it regarded the same? Raise the same concerns? WHY isn't child abuse responded to with more outrage?
It makes NO sense that Millions of children can have their health Maimed physically and emotionally by those who should love them more than anyone in the world and yet "adults" can speak out about harmful experimental jabs.

Are adults the children now and children expendable? Seems so.
Real children are competition to the adult children.
This painful point must be made.
It hasn't just been physical health that has been under attack and has diminished over the decades. Its also mental/emotional health.

Beginning in 1994, the "adverse childhood experiences" (ACE) Study, a partnership between the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Kaiser Permanente assessed the relationship between adult health risk behaviors and childhood abuse and household dysfunction

An Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) is defined as experiencing any of the following categories of abuse, neglect, or loss prior to age 18:

Physical abuse by a parent

Emotional abuse by a parent

Sexual abuse by anyone

Growing up with an alcohol and/or drug abuser in the household

Experiencing the incarceration of a household member

Living with a family member experiencing mental illness

Domestic violence

Loss of a parent

Emotional neglect

Physical neglect

If the US Corp, for $ "profit" Gov cared so much about the people, how are we living with these issues for decades?

The answer is simple; because the US Gov has been at war with the public and attacking our health for more than 50 years.

Every person has a right to reach their healthy potential physically, emotionally and spiritually. To be the person they're meant to be in this world and earn a decent living doing it.

It became normal for people to function Way below what humans are capable of achieving.
The people themselves even defended it.

Since my body felt the assault on my health so early it could not help but respond.
When you make those in "authority" look bad and expose their failures and "incompetence", the appropriate response should have been for Them to acknowledge their misalignment and do better but, instead its the child's healthy responses that get pathologized, putting the child deeper and deeper into a health debt.

Don't we have to know what health even is first to know when we're not it?

Amerikans have been disoriented for so many decades and adjusted to living in a state of Altered Mental Status as if it were normal, they dont know which direction to move, or that they even should move, towards.

I saw this post recently Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland It starts with; The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors