H.R. 550 - Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021, the measure was debated for just 40 minutes last week, and the recorded vote revealed all Dems and 80 Reps voted in favor of passage – 294 in total.

The Act is now in the U.S. Senate where it will be evaluated by the Health, Education, Labor & Pension Committee (known as the HELP Committee).
This measure is one Senate vote away from becoming law. What does it do?
The bill appropriates $400 million to develop and implement a national immunization record tracking system for use federally, by states, by local municipalities, by US territories and even sovereign nation tribal areas.
The purpose of this bill is clear:
To strengthen the current vaccine mandates.
To add a layer of enforcement to the mandate which may result in refusing access or services to non-vaccinated or non-boostered Americans.
To provide a mechanism for federal, state and local governments to access your vaccine status that would easily lead to the introduction of a vaccine passport or no-fly list.

What happens next?
If passed by the Senate, it would be implemented in less than 12 months. Once freedom and privacy on this issue is lost, it will be nearly impossible to regain. The time to act is NOW.
What do we do?

It is important that we take this opportunity to let our Senators know our thoughts and concerns about the use of our tax dollars for this critical piece of legislation.
Tweet, call, use their website (https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm) to convey the following message:
“I am your constituent.
I am writing today with serious concerns about H.R. 550 - the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization bill. While I believe that we should work on improving healthcare affordability and accessibility, I have significant reservations about spending taxpayer dollars to develop any type of federal, state or local tracking mechanisms for people's individual choices when it comes to medical procedures.
This bill goes against everything that we have been told about HIPAA privacy protections for patients, and the inherent freedom that we as Americans are promised through our Constitution - freedom that extends to our choices about medical procedures.
This provision could easily be used to strip a patient's right to bodily autonomy. I would urge you to scrutinize this legislation, listen to your constituents' concerns carefully and evaluate what the future may hold should you vote in favor of it."


80 RINOS voted with Dems to advance a National Vax Database bill. Now in the Senate. Call your US Senators to stop this


Eighty House Republicans voted with Democrats on Tuesday to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act.



I am watching a docuseries online and last night in Episode 3 Dr Malone explained how viruses mutate in the vaccinated. Kind of like bacteria that become superbugs if you don't take all of the antibiotics. I hope everyone is watching the explosive docuseries exposing the truth. It has been mindblowing so far and I thought I knew a lot. Learned last night that there is a National Center for Biotechnology Information and they may be scrubbing data behind the scenes. Say what!? Yeah. Episode 3 (of 9) is still up until 9pm when it promptly comes down and E4 will go up. sign up to watch at vrevealed.com.


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