Reposted episode of Ben Swann's "Reality Check" due to censorship. Reality Check with Ben Swann - It’s been a couple of weeks but I had to take this one on: President Trump reportedly refers to African nations as well as the island nation of Haiti as a “shithole” and the media, both on the left and the right loses their minds. But here’s the problem—while media and politicians want to fight about Haiti, nobody seems to care that Haitians have been ripped off by American foreign aid and politicians for years. Let’s give it a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else. Also follow me here: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Newsletter signup - Editor’s note: In the graphic displayed at 3:39 in the video above, the percentage of funding that went to actual Haitian organizations is displayed as 0.06%. It should read 0.6%, nearly half of one percent.

A review of Potomac Marble, History of the Search for the Ideal Stone
By Nancy Spannaus
March 17, 2023—In 1814, the British Army landed a humiliating blow against the United States, burning the U.S. Capitol building, the White House, and numerous military installations. Destroyed in the conflagration was the original home of the House of Representatives, which had been created by the U.S.’s first architect, Benjamin Latrobe. It had been described as “the most beautiful legislative chamber in the Western world.”

"I Have Never Seen Anything So Beautifully Magnificent" -- a review of the book Potomac Marble by Paul Kreingold on rebuilding the Capitol.

Is the Universe Governed by Life or Death?
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - "Governed by Life"
Thomas Robert Malthus - "Governed by Death"

A new film inspired by Matt Ehret's writing

In Matt Ehret's 5 part series 'Is the Universe Governed by Life or Death', the origins of transhumanism are traced back to the philosophy of Aristotle's blank slate view of human nature and master-sla