Ron Paul Liberty Report - March 21, 2023

Bungling Biden Pushes China Into Russia's Arms

Today's historic visit of China's newly-re-elected Premier, Xi Jinping, to Russia further solidifies what would have hardly been imaginable not long ago: A strong Russia/China alliance against the US

Ron Paul Liberty Report - March 20, 2023

Trump And Putin To The Slammer?

In what increasingly looks like the politicization of justice, last week saw the International Criminal Court (not recognized by the US) indict Russian president Vladimir Putin for allegedly sending c

A review of Potomac Marble, History of the Search for the Ideal Stone
By Nancy Spannaus
March 17, 2023—In 1814, the British Army landed a humiliating blow against the United States, burning the U.S. Capitol building, the White House, and numerous military installations. Destroyed in the conflagration was the original home of the House of Representatives, which had been created by the U.S.’s first architect, Benjamin Latrobe. It had been described as “the most beautiful legislative chamber in the Western world.”

"I Have Never Seen Anything So Beautifully Magnificent" -- a review of the book Potomac Marble by Paul Kreingold on rebuilding the Capitol.

Ron Paul Liberty Report - March 17, 2023

Can The Immoral FDIC Save Us From A Moral Hazard?

Americans are "taught" that government regulations (beyond the punishment of force or fraud) are necessary. Yet, the more government "rules" there are (and there are more than can even be enforced) th

When they tell you the constitution needs to “change with the times” but ignore the process to do so - this is nothing more than letting the government redefine and expand its powers as it goes along. It’s arbitrary and ultimately unlimited power – and it is a threat to liberty.