This is an interesting lie regurgitated over and over again by Lew Rockwell and his gang of charlatans to keep “the people” divided. It is bullshit revisionist history to keep the slaves in their place “subject to” the master class… the political class. If anyone would like to discuss this revisionist historical lie, then comment below and discuss it with me. It is the truth that sets individuals free, not lies, because truth is knowledge.

A Jeffersonian View of the Civil War
Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

The Ron Paul Liberty Report - July 7, 2023
Rewarded For Failure: UN Seeks "Emergency Powers" For All "Complex Global Shocks"

The incentive structure of government is different than the rest of society. In a free society, without government bailouts, failure is punished. Fail to serve, or do so unprofitably, and your economi

The Ron Paul Liberty Report - July 6, 2023

UK Talks Tough On War With Russia...But It Doesn't Have Any Tanks!

The Ron Paul Liberty Report - July 5, 2023

Did Hunter Bring Coke To The White House??

With the revelation that cocaine has been found in the White House, right-wing Twitter has exploded with speculation that the president's famously drug-addled son must have brought the party back home

The Ron Paul Liberty Report - July 3, 2023
No One Wants To Join The 'Bud-Light' Military