New content from Paracontrarian: censorship shuts down conversations, is destructive to lives, liberty, and and the thriving of humanity. That's why it should be stopped. #censorship #Liberty

I've re-published some of my videos using IPFS. Check out my latest article and see if you can access them. I want to know how well this works for people.

The next step in censorship: "Have you performed your penance, yet? You need to show us that you are going to be compliant."

Dissenting voices shall not be silenced. I've created a new substack and I'm changing my primary brand to something that's more needed and useful than playing with diesels (though I'll keep that one going, too, as it will remain my hobby). I'm gearing up to be a digital sherpa, showing people how to use decentralized platforms to keep their content available.

Adding some serious cool-factor and functionality to my workshop by installing a two-post lift. See the video where I share the installation process, along with a few tips & tricks I picked up along the way.