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In March Deep State expert Michael Benz alleged that Hunter Biden was untouchable because he was previously working with the CIA on a project in Ukraine.



What is the IRS 6 year rule
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What is wrong with the GOP?

The grand old party (GOP) is trying to weaponize the IRS against the Gaza solidarity protesters at college and university campuses across the United States. The same Republican politicians who once screamed and howled over the IRS being weaponized by Democrats against conservatives are now doing the exact same thing against the non-profit groups behind […]


International Public Notice: The IRS Secret Sauce
By Anna Von Reitz

Please reference my Article about The Informer published yesterday and the example where he was wondering about the difference between the "States of the United States" referenced in Title 26 (the Income Tax Code) and "States of the Union".

Here, thanks to a Fellow Researcher, is the exact regulation confirming and admitting that "State" as defined in the IRS Code was a "State of the United States" and not a "State of the Union":

26 CFR Part § 31.3121(e)-1 State, United States, and citizen

Which takes you to:

Which says:

§ 31.3121(e)-1 State, United States, and citizen.
(a) When used in the regulations in this subpart, the term “State” includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii before their admission as States, and (when used with respect to services performed after 1960) Guam and American Samoa.

(b) When used in the regulations in this subpart, the term “United States”, when used in a geographical sense, means the several states (including the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii before their admission as States), the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. When used in the regulations in this subpart with respect to services performed after 1960, the term “United States” also includes Guam and American Samoa when the term is used in a geographical sense. The term “citizen of the United States” includes a citizen of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, and, effective January 1, 1961, a citizen of Guam or American Samoa.

[T.D. 6744, 29 FR 8314, July 2, 1964]

Now you have all the proof, reasoning, and evidence needed to establish exactly what is meant by "States of the United States" (Territorial "Confederate" States) versus "States of the Union" (National States).

For the purposes of the Federal Government, they have cozily defined their network of Territorial State-of-State organizations, which are called "Confederate States" as "States of the United States" as opposed to our "States of the Union".

You can now see the pattern of the deceit: actual States (as we think of them) are States of the Union and belong to the Federation of States.

Business organizations doing work for the States are called States of States, like the State of Illinois, or, more generally, Confederate States, which are members of a Confederation (sometimes called "Confederacy").

The actual States, then, are States of the Union, while the Confederate "States" (of States) are States of the United States.

Thus, there are now fifty (50) American States of the Union, and fifty-seven (57) "States of the United States" which we would normally think of as businesses like "the State of Florida" plus the similar administrative "States" of the U.S. Territories and Possessions.

Calling a "State of State" business a "Confederate State" and then shortening that to "State" has been a potent source of confusion for the last 160 years.

It has ultimately led to the idea that a Territorial-level collection of such incorporated State-of-State businesses could function as and be confused with actual physically-defined States, so that the "States of the United States" could be confused with and used to replace the States of the Union.

More British Bunko on steroids.

This is what Mr. Obama was referring to in his famous speech in which he talked about our glorious 57 "States" and everyone perked up their ears and wondered -- 57 States?

He was talking about the "States of the United States" not the States of the Union, and if you take the time you can easily count the seven (7) U.S. Territories and Possessions and add them to the fifty (50) British Territorial State-of-State businesses that have been replacing our American State-of-State businesses on an "emergency basis" since the end of the so-called American Civil War.

In this example, statutory laws and Acts of Legislation purportedly addressed to the "States of the United States" and the foreign citizenry thereof, have been deliberately and deceitfully misapplied to average Americans living in the States of the Union instead.

Both the Municipal IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and all the various Bar Association Members acting as their running dogs, are nothing but British Territorial Privateers engaged in strong arm racketeering under color of law.

Our British and Papist Subcontractors may indeed have the right to tax themselves and their people may choose to act as incorporated persons, and may impersonate themselves as they please, may engage in the foreign and repugnant practices of indentured servitude and slavery, may organize their business operations as they see fit within the confines of their Constitutional limitations --- but they are not allowed to substitute their government or their corporations for our government, and they are not allowed to misaddress or misrepresent or impersonate our people, not allowed to latch onto our assets under False Pretenses, and are not granted any "power" to say one word about our health, our wealth, or our will, are not authorized to declare war or practice mercenary "war" in our names, and have no right to commandeer and use our Title IV Flag or any representation of our flag for purposes of undeclared, mercenary, or otherwise illegal warfare, privateering, or racketeering of any kind, either overtly or under color of law.

We call for an end to this deceit and usurpation by foreign business interests and particularly by the British Monarchs, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, the respective Popes, and the Governments of Great Britain, Westminster, Vatican City and the City of Rome.

It is high time for the entire world to recognize the criminal and deceitful nature of these corporations substituted as governments and also to recognize the role of these Principals and their misuse of "Territorial" entities as instruments to create and enforce a form of repugnant continued colonialism that has been illegally, unlawfully, and immorally applied to The United States, the former Commonwealth, seventeen occupied nations in Western Europe, Japan, and numerous countries in the Middle East and Africa.

We have, in effect, all been suffering under a form of the same malady that wrecked South Africa and India --- a Territorial "Raj" imposed by use of mercenary forces, administered by foreign corporations --- and secretively forced down the throats of the living people and actual owners via constructive fraud and illegal undisclosed, coerced, and unconscionable contracts promoted by members of the corporate bureaucracy and Bar Associations under color of law.

We call upon every country on Earth to "Just say, "No!" and mean it. Every member of our military paid for on our credit, every politician entered into any office associated with us and with our actual government or employed under any Constitutional contract, is hereby fully informed and made liable for this circumstance and these misrepresentations.

They are also made liable for the return of our assets, our credit, and our control of our own facilities and institutions and made responsible for observing the "strictly limited" nature and functions of Maritime Commerce and Admiralty and Administrative Courts in this country.

Members of the Bar Associations are made liable for their complicity in administering, profiting from, and colluding in the impersonation of Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and/or Papist Municipal citizens of the United States.

The British Territorial Maritime Commerce Courts (functioning as UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS and STATE OF STATE COURTS) have been deliberately misaddressing Americans as "citizens of the United States", while British Territorial Admiralty Courts (functioning as United States District Courts and State of State Courts) have been misaddressing Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. This has led to personage and barratry on a scale that is unimaginable, all executed under color of law.

The same evils have been visited by Britain and Rome on all the other nations that have been similarly defrauded, misled, and mistreated.

These crimes of personage and barratry must stop and the illegal impoundment of living people mischaracterized as "cargo" and the illegal confiscation of their property interests and physical assets under a fusillade of deliberately constructed and falsified Legal Presumptions and equally non-existent or invalidated contracts must also stop.

Unless every member of the Bar Associations worldwide wants to be dispatched and their "temple" in the Inner City of London vaporized as if it never existed, reason should compel their immediate and permanent cessation of these practices, presumptions, and misapplications of so-called "Equity Law".

The Equity in this case, is ours, not the British Monarch's.

We, the actual living people, have had enough of the Bar Associations' practice of personage and barratry, enough of their King's mindless greed and duplicity, enough of the Popes playing patty-cake and profiting from these crimes, enough of the Lord Mayor and his Merry Men, enough of the misdirection of our military and police forces as unknowing mercenaries, enough, enough, enough.

These so-called "corporate governments" backed up by a purloined Raj, need to be liquidated worldwide and all the assets returned to those to whom these assets belong with no further pretenses, registrations, enrollments, or other misrepresentations used as a means to induce peonage, promote enslavement, and defraud people of what is naturally and rightfully theirs.

The securitization of living flesh via the venal pretenses of personage must stop.

The bid of the UN CORPORATION to rule the world using WHO and "public health" as an excuse for the continuance of these evils must also come to an end. There is no excuse for it and nobody is going to tolerate it.

These mechanizations and crimes are done for.

There is only the specific and urgent demand that these practices, presumptions, and "cozy arrangements" come to an end, and that the purloined property be returned, and that amends be made, without further obfuscation, legal pretenses, or delays.

The so-called Global Collateral Accounts were amassed from private fortunes and must be returned to the actual owners and trustees.

Nobody including the U.S. Army, the Bank for International Settlements, the Swiss Union, U.S. Department of the Treasury, IMF, Federal Reserve, any and all "Federal" Agencies -- none of you have any right to breach the trusts and agreements to which you are bound.

To evade your obligations is merely to act as criminals.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652