"Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens" - Robert Malone

Transcript as follows:

Thank you so much for coming on behalf of the organizers and the whole ICS initiative, which continues to grow. Thank you for your courage and commitment in all that you've done by just being here. It's clear that you're one of those that are committed to freedom and personal autonomy and sovereignty. I'd like to tell you about the thing that bothers me the most right now.

The truth is, it's not medical freedom. It's not even the problem of the lies that we've been told about the COVIDcrisis or the gross mismanagement of the COVIDcrisis. It's the willingness of governments to deploy modern cognitive and psychological warfare tools and technologies against their own citizenry in combination and particular with the power of modern big tech.

We're all perplexed by what has happened over the last four years, and I think we've all had this gradual series of small awakenings. We have the privilege, as a friend of mine put it to me the other day, of being able right now to go down these various rabbit holes, these various journeys in fact discovery, and disc

My Speech at the International Crisis Summit-5 in Washington DC