This is Speaker Mike Johnson, and I apologize if I’m catching you at a bad time, but I wanted to quickly connect with you on the NY-03 Special Election happening in a matter of days.
As you may already know, our GOP candidate is Mazi Pilip.
She was born in Ethiopia during a time of intense antisemitism, and was then evacuated to Israel. She went on to become a soldier in the IDF before coming to America the right and legal way.
Mazi is pro-family, pro-law enforcement, and pro-border security -- she has my complete and total endorsement.

But what she doesn’t have is a rolodex filled with Hollywood billionaires and Wall Street bigwigs cutting big checks like her left-wing opponent does.
And that’s why I’m reaching out to you today.
I’m doing everything I can to support Mazi and keep this seat red. I have to -- our House Majority depends on it.
I’ve contributed to her, I’ve asked Republican members of Congress to contribute to her, and now I’m asking you.

So if you can, and only if you can, please join me in supporting Mazi today.
Be it $5 or $20, this race is going to be won and lost at the grassroots level, so every dollar is extremely critical and greatly appreciated.
I hope I can count on you to step up and help today.
Thanks again,
Mike Johnson
Speaker of the House