8 Energy meridian points which can help treat the body pains & aches...

In modern language this energy is information, while different cultures call it by names such as Chi, Prana, vital energy etc. The flow of energy is invisible to human eye while energy workers can feel and trace the pathways of energy flow with their hands.

Think of meridians as streams or rivers flowing with energy or information. Like a river that provides water to its surroundings, these channels distribute energy and carry information to the surrounding area of the body. The body can then carry out the instructions.

Often times the flow of energy is disrupted due to overload of energy in the form of strong emotions and trauma which blocks/disrupts the flow of Chi. It's like a surge of electricity going to your TV and causing a circuit to blow.

Optimal health depends on energy consistently flowing, balanced, free, uninterrupted and without conflict or resistance throughout the entire body.

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