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It’s hard to believe this is real life—not satire.
New York has announced a new censorship law that would coerce social media networks, including the satirical website The Babylon Bee, to monitor and crack down on what the state deems as “hateful conduct.”

But what will be deemed as “hateful conduct” is left up to humorless state officials to decide. And the Bee would need to adopt and endorse the state’s definition.
But the government does not belong in the comedy business.
And the First Amendment protects the right for all Americans to freely and peacefully express their opinions—and their sense of humor—without fear of government censorship or retaliation.

After all, our freedoms don’t hinge on whether the state agrees with what we have to say, or whether they appreciate the joke.
Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the Bee and urging a federal court to uphold a lower court’s decision halting this blatant censorship law—but we need your help.

Government officials can’t bypass the First Amendment to keep ideas they disagree with out of the marketplace. It’s time they learn just how many Americans STAND WITH THE BEE and will raise their voice in defense of free speech.
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What New York officials are doing is part of a concerning—and growing—trend of censorship. It must stop.

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Alliance Defending Freedom