Muslims BUSTED When Cops Find Their NASTY Secret Hiding Inside Store…

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November 30, 2023
An Islamic halal market in Portland, Maine, was raided by federal agents after being tipped off that the owner was committing massive welfare fraud.

The owner of the Ahram Halal Market is being investigated for massive fraud, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulently obtained taxpayer funds.
According to a 52 page affidavit signed by FBI special agent Richard Pires, the feds were tipped off because the market had unusually high sales from SNAP benefits, commonly known as food stamps, WLBZ reports.

According to the FBI, a cooperating witness, referred to as a “CW” in the affidavit, told Daham that he was new to town, and at that point, Daham told him how to get more benefits by pretending not to know English and telling the government that he wanted to go to school.
That way, he could get benefits without working.

“It is at this initial meeting that Ali also instructed the CW how they could file false tax returns despite the CW telling Ali that the CW does not work.”
The document goes says that this CW would come in and buy a small amount of groceries, $20 or $30 worth. The market would give him $200 back in cash, in exchange for taking $200 more off his benefit card.

This isn’t the first case of welfare fraud in America committed by Muslims and it won’t be the last.
So while we all work our as*es off and pay our taxes, bleeding heart liberals are rioting and demanding that these scumbags be allowed in by the thousands and put them in our communities, giving them free housing, clothing, medical, education, food and a hell of a lot more- all on our dime.