Cartoon published 11/13/2023

Vivek Ramaswamy delivered a complete thrashing of Ronna McDaniel at the third GOP debate. Ronna was in attendance and Vivek blasted her in front of her face, citing her terrible Republican National Committee leadership. Ronna McDaniel called Vivek an ‘a__hole’ and then she sought solace on the fake news shows.

Smiling Ronna pleaded her case on Meet the Press that the RNC was doing its job and she is doing the best she can with the unelectable and extreme MAGA candidates that are running for office. In fact. if they didn’t have so many unpopular policies such as secure borders, then they would have been elected. You see, it was their fault for their terrible performance in the last election, not Ronna’s or the RNC’s.

The lady doth protest too much.

The truth of the matter is Ronna won’t give America First candidates one thin dime from the RNC to help their campaigns. She’s planning on defunding Vivek in retaliation for him being right over the target. RINOs only seem to be the RNC’s motto. Only RINOs get fed the cash. They are selected, not elected.

Republican voters feel like they are beating their heads against an RNC brick wall at every election. The RNC listens to globalist big-money donors, not their ‘America First’ voter base. This has been the case for decades. They easily marginalized and cheated non-swamp candidates such as Ron Paul. Then Trump came along and upset their rotten apple cart.

Speaking of rotten, the FBI has revealed itself many times over to be a corrupt, rogue agency—they’re the muscle of the Deep State Swamp. That swamp is about to become deeper if $3.5 billion in funding is approved for their new headquarters. There are a great many Republicans in Congress who support this and each should be vilified. Ronna naturally prefers RINO, Uniparty Republicans. You know, the kind Karl Rove likes as well. Republicans such as Romney, Cheney, and McCain. We need a sea change in the Republican party. We must break up the FBI, not reward them with new digs.

After lambasting Ronna, Vivek invited her to come up on the stage and resign. Horrors! Ronna is big mad now. She won’t resign because it’s not her fault—it’s yours for not doing as you’re told. She blames her fiasco on MAGA voters who prefer MAGA candidates whom she will not support with funding.

With Ronna as the RNC Chairwoman, don’t expect 2024 to be any different. Trump must be reelected before we can truly see change—and that requires a shakeup and shakeout of the RINOs in the party, including Ronna McDaniel.

— The GrrrTeam