Hey folks! Here is today's episode of The Rundown Live in case you missed it!

Sorry I haven't uploaded anything today it has been very busy but very much worth it. We got the show setup on a completely new streaming platform, and we had a huge special guest today!

Spike Cohen, the former Vice Presidential candidate and Liberty powerhouse himself came to join us for about an hour talking all things Liberty, elections, lockdowns and mandates. It was great to have him on and speak with him. So if you haven't seen today's episode definitely check it out.

We are also working to fix a couple things, apparently our stream on Rokfin was locked behind the subscribers only wall, while the replay of the stream has not yet been put up on YouTube. However for now here is the link to our livestream on Twitter, and you can also find it on The Rundown Live Facebook page right now!

As always, thanks for the support and checking out the show πŸ’š

Twitter stream:

Facebook stream:

β€œThe Rundown Live #789 - Guest Spike Cohen, Libertarianism, Lockdown Mandates https://t.co/vRjXjx6NF2”