I have been recovering my health for over a decade now. I started with natural drs and then realized I was just as capable on my own and put the money saved towards my self education, supplements and most importantly, nutrition.

During the scamdemic certain organizations, stores, “natural” pharmacies, etc, profiting from the desires for such supplements and organic food, played both sides. Frauds. I learned for instance that The Peoples Pharmacy, which used to employ good natural drs suddenly told me to mask my child before entering. Even when I said she had asthma. Had a personal monitor guarding their store. When they once held viewings of Vaxxed. Suddenly they were no longer an alternative to the white coat Rockefeller petrol based cookbook model. I learned from a fella who had done work for the owner(I won’t say what work) and asked him what inspired him to start the people’s pharmacy, and the big reveal?..... πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°His answer was MONEY! I will never purchase a product from this place ever again.

Next up the Natural Grocers. Where the staff all wear masks......STILL! They promote the great reset over the intercom and they DO! follow you around and report on you. It’s very keystone cop but annoying when mutants with garbage health and garbage brain rot presuppose that they have any right to tell anyone obviously healthier than them anything. 3years I’ve been watching these stooges. They’re all overweight, and in awful health. I don’t carry a cell phone and if I do I only turn it on when necessary. I’m not addicted to a cancer tracking idiot device. So track and trace is hard...boop.....no worry when every nincompoop at this establishment literally grabs their phones start texting and follow you around observing all the items you purchase, clearly having never used any of them. It’s real interesting when reading the Isley family’s bio about how their mother turned to nutrition after conventional medicine failed her(Read the bio), Yet only employs very sick people. All overweight mask wearers, cursed with the stink eye for those that do.....well......exactly what mrs. Isley did. The family that are now obscenely wealthy (nyse don’t lie) off their namesakes decision to be a good mother and provide the same nutrition for all mothers, now helps to target them. I think someone should dig into the Isleys and their ties to the deep state. I know their employees promote the great reset on their intercoms completely going against anything to do with nature and health.
I know zephyr Isley is a millionaire Democrat(the ones cheering draconian measures). So push for draconian measures then profit from the opposite mindset with a legacy laid at your feet for you to destroy, playing both sides. Ya know?! Like spineless traitors and stooges. Illusion of the alternative. I think I will never shop in any of these traitor establishments ever again. Yay! After all there are so many far far better options at any farmers market anyway.