‘Judas’ Pence Joins The Race For President

It was early in the morning on May 17 that I watched Mike Pence being interviewed on CNBC. I was not in the best of health at the time and I was trying to do my best not to let politicians make me angry. Listening to the former Vice President from Indiana made that a challenge.

Pence wanted to be in the news, thus he was showing his smugmug all over mainstream media. Obviously, he was preparing for his presidential bid. What I remembered the most was his line about entitlements. He said we needed to cut them. Right after saying that and almost in the same breath he expressed support for Ukraine and its rat-like leader, Zelensky. Pence wanted to funnel billions of US dollars into Ukraine. He loves war more than helping Americans.

Let me get this straight, Mike…‘entitlements’ include things such as Medicare and social security. Do you really want to cut those things while transferring billions in taxpayer dollars to the most corrupt nation on Earth? It sure looks like it.

Pence rode his motorcycle from Indiana to Iowa ahead of his presidential announcement. Apparently, he wants to come across as a free spirit and tough guy instead of the milquetoast globalist uni-party RINO lapdog traitor that he is.

Pence loves to complain about Biden, but he made the Marxist woke nonsense possible by not standing up to them after they stole the election. Then Pence had the gall to say he would not pardon the January 6 protestors should he be elected president. Pence is doubling down on the lie of the insurrection when he knows full well it was all arranged by FBI operatives and Nancy Pelosi.

A lot of Republicans are piling into the presidential race. Some are better than others, but Pence is by far the worst of the bunch. He’s the worst of Trump’s backstabbers. He feigns piousness and sanctimony while he services big globalist banks and corporations. He’s an unctuous warmonger. His hair might be white, but his heart is black. He must know he’s hated and that means he must be insecure and uneasy about his chances of winning the White House. Hence the tough-guy motorcycle stunt.

Pence should be loudly booed when he takes the campaign trail. Let’s hope Trump chooses much better people for his second term.

— Ben Garrison