G. Edward Griffin's
News & Analysis 2023 May 31 edition

MIT Researcher Explains How Chlorine Dioxide/ MMS Destroys the Toxicity of Glyphosate Poison
Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the MIT, says that Chlorine Dioxide (CD)/ MMS…
By: Kerri Rivera and Stephanie Seneff on Ugetube
May 31, 2023

We Were Lied To About COVID Death Rate!
Dr. John Ioannidis estimated that Covid’s infection fatality rate was under 0.1% for those under 70…
By: Jimmy Dore and NeedToKnow.News
May 31, 2023

Memorial Day 2023: Three Marines Beaten in CA, Shootings and Fights in Chicago and Massachusetts
Violence has increased in the US following the George Floyd/ Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots of…
By: NY Post and Gateway Pundit
May 31, 2023

California: Mustachioed Man Wearing Dress Working As ‘Fairy Godmother’ At Disneyland
A video that featured a male Disney employee with a mustache, wearing a dress and makeup, greeting a…
By: NewsWars and Fox News
May 31, 2023

Major Drone Attack On Moscow Damages Several Apartment Buildings
A drone attack on a civilian area of Moscow injured two people and damaged several buildings. A…
By: ZeroHedge
May 31, 2023