Excerpt from The Real Anthony Fauci. And what you learn is that they’re all “ emergency use authorized”. ALL OF THEM! That’s why you don’t question Mr. Science himself. Because he especially doesn’t have a clue! He just loves selling your children off to be poisoned and murdered for profit. I guess that’s why when I announced on the fakebook that I was getting this book my mailboxes were destroyed two days later and not fixed for over three months. Only set of boxes to be destroyed. And then DE weapons aimed at me and my children 🤔🤫. That’s the traitorous work of our “intelligence apparatus”. So don’t you ever question the devils in charge....or else. 😘🖕

“Most medicinal products cannot get licensed without first undergoing randomized placebo -controlled trials that compare health outcomes—including all-cause mortality —in medicated versus unmedicated cohorts. Tellingly in March 17, 2017, I met with Dr. Fauci, Francis Collins, and a White House referee(and separately with Peter Marks from CBER and FDA) to complain that HHS was, by then, mandating 69 doses of 16 vaccines for America’s children, none of which had ever been tested against placebos prior to licensing. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins denied that this was true and insisted that those vaccines were safety tested. They were unable, however, after several weeks , to provide us a single citation for a single clinical trial using an inert placebo against a vaccine. In October 2017, Del Bigtree and Aaron Siri both who attended these meetings —joined me in suing under the Freedom of Information Act to produce the long-promised safety studies. Ten months after the meeting with Fauci and Collins, on the courthouse steps, HHS admitted that we were in fact, correct: none of the mandated childhood vaccines had been tested for safety in pre-licensing inert placebo tests”.